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20+ Pet Simulator 99 Merch Codes

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Earn coins, crack open eggs, and amass a collection of adorable pets in Pet Simulator 99.

Unlock a total of 99 eggs and equip yourself with a diverse array of 99 pets.

Engage in entertaining minigames, explore the expansive in-game world, and join clans.

Enhance your gaming experience by trading pets with other players.

The game is suitable for all ages and has garnered 500 million visits since its launch.

This list contains free Pet Simulator 99 merch codes on Roblox that are not expired, unused, or without a generator.

How to get free Pet Simulator 99 merch

Join Survey Junkie to earn money and Pet Simulator 99 merch by completing surveys.

It’s one of the top-rated survey sites on Trustpilot with an average of 4.3 stars across 40k reviews.

To start earning, you need to sign up for free, complete your profile, and verify your email address.

After you’ve signed up, you can give your opinion via surveys to get rewards.

How to get a Pet Simulator 99 merch code

  1. Visit the official Big Games online shop.
  2. Filter the shop to “Redeemable Code”.
  3. Purchase a plushie with a redeemable code that is in stock.
  4. Redeem the code in Pet Simulator 99!

How to redeem Pet Simulator 99 merch codes

  1. Launch Pet Simulator 99.
  2. Click on the “Pet icon”.
  3. Click on the “Exclusive Shop” icon.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and select “Redeem!”.
  5. Enter the merch code and select “Redeem!”.

Free Pet Simulator 99 merch codes

Pet Simulator 99 merch codes

  • W5TC8FN7GU6J
  • BS88JQ6G5XM4
  • P4W9EA4BUY4G
  • 2DMSK3S7N46G
  • K9MQ5S5Q26WH
  • pet-871800da4
  • pet-545500904f
  • pet-b587e9850
  • pet-a4579e0f
  • pet-11cb1af00b
  • pet-57b137cd61
  • pet-41a0437670
  • pet-377de57321
  • pet-1d04745b69
  • pet-df1e28995
  • pet-2c4d526690
  • pet-ea46aefdc
  • pet-486fcd33e0
  • pet-51195dcd2e
  • pet-1ccf943501
  • pet-3b69aeb17b
  • pet-1dc97899a4

The free Pet Simulator X merch codes above are limited, so you need to redeem them fast.

If you can’t redeem a code, it means that it’s already redeemed by someone else.

Otherwise, the code that you entered is invalid or expired.

Make sure to double-check the code that you’re redeeming as it’s case-sensitive.

New Pet Simulator 99 merchandise codes will be added to the list in the future.

You can bookmark the page (click the star icon on Chrome) and check back later for more codes.

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