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Best Sites To Buy Yelp Reviews 2023 (Real Reviews)

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Yelp is the most popular review platform in the world.

You show credibility by having more Yelp reviews, so they are very important.

However, that is a lot easier said than done. 

So what can you do?

You can buy Yelp reviews! 

I have tested 25 sites that sell Yelp reviews and made a list of the top 10 best ones.

So, let’s get right to it.

Best sites to buy Yelp reviews

Score 9.9/10

UseViral is the premier choice among sites specializing in positive Yelp reviews, boasting a remarkable score of 9.9/10. Its prowess lies in a suite of features designed to bolster a business’s credibility and consumer trust. 

The platform offers customizable review content, allowing businesses to tailor Yelp reviews to their needs. 

These reviews appear strikingly authentic, a testament to the platform’s dedication to discretion. 

Including varied reviewer profiles adds another layer of authenticity, making these reviews indistinguishable from genuine customer feedback. 

By leveraging UseViral’s services to get positive Yelp reviews, businesses enhance their credibility and foster consumer trust, ultimately contributing to their success in the competitive world of online reviews.


  • Customizable Review Content
  • Authentic-Looking Reviews
  • Varied Reviewer Profiles 
  • No Fake Reviews


  • Enhances Business Credibility
  • Boosts Consumer Trust
  • Quality Positive Reviews


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Score 9.5/10

SidesMedia, the second-best option for procuring Yelp reviews, boasts many notable features in this competitive landscape. 

Notably, it excels in expeditious review delivery, providing a swift turnaround to bolster your online presence promptly. 

With bulk review packages, you can efficiently tailor your strategy to meet your specific needs. 

A unique offering here is the availability of positive and negative reviews, adding an element of authenticity. 

SliedesMedia ensures you don’t buy fake reviews but get the real thing.

These attributes align well with the primary advantage of enhancing your online reputation. 

While it is a commendable choice for positive Yelp reviews, it’s vital to consider how these aspects can contribute to your broader online objectives.


  • Fast Review Delivery
  • Bulk Review Packages
  • Positive and Negative Reviews


  • Improves Online Reputation
  • Drives Increased Foot Traffic
  • Genuine Users Who Write Reviews


  • Potential for Missed Customer Insights

Score 8.7/10

Growthoid, a notable player among platforms that offer a quality service to generate positive reviews, distinguishes itself through features designed to boost your online presence. 

Focusing on compliance with Yelp’s terms of service ensures a secure and risk-free experience. 

Its geo-targeted reviews provide a valuable advantage for businesses aiming to strengthen their local presence. 

Moreover, the review drip-fed scheduling feature allows for gradual and natural review growth, preventing any sudden spikes that could arouse suspicion. 

Although not the top-rated site, when you buy reviews with Growthoid, you effectively expand your customer base by fostering a positive online reputation through Yelp reviews, making it a reputable choice for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital landscape.


  • Geo-Targeted Reviews
  • Review Drip-Fed Scheduling
  • Yelp TOS Compliance


  • Expands Customer Base
  • Strengthens Brand Authority


4. Twesocial

Score 8.3/10

Among the platforms selling Yelp reviews, Twesocial is a compelling choice with noteworthy customer support. Scoring an impressive 8.3/10, Twesocial prioritizes customer satisfaction. 

Notably, their standout feature is the assurance of review stickiness, ensuring that the reviews you purchase stay visible on your Yelp page. 

Additionally, their review replacement guarantee adds a layer of reliability, promising to replace lost reviews.

Twesocial also emphasizes using verified user accounts, which lends credibility to the reviews. 

An evident advantage lies in how Twesocial helps cultivate a positive brand image, as an abundance of positive Yelp reviews can significantly shape how potential customers perceive your business, potentially boosting trust and attracting more patrons.


  • Guaranteed Review Stickiness
  • Review Replacement Guarantee
  • Verified User Accounts
  • You can Buy Negative Reviews


  • Builds Positive Brand Perception
  • Attracts New Customers


  • Decreased Customer Engagement

5. TokUpgrade

Score 7.9/10

TokUpgrade, ranking as the fifth-best site for purchasing Yelp Reviews, distinguishes itself with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Its dedication is underlined by a 24/7 customer support service, ensuring that clients’ inquiries and concerns are addressed promptly. 

Furthermore, TokUpgrade offers multiple payment options, enhancing convenience and flexibility for its users. Its budget-friendly packages make it accessible to a wide range of businesses. 

The advantages of using TokUpgrade extend beyond mere convenience; it also promotes positive word-of-mouth for your establishment and enhances your competitiveness in the Yelp marketplace. 

With TokUpgrade, excellence, customer satisfaction, and real users who write reviews by hand, you get a positive Yelp review service you can trust.


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Budget-Friendly Packages


  • Promotes Positive Word-of-Mouth
  • Enhances Competitiveness
  • No Negative Reviews on Yelp


6. Farmoid

Score 6.5/10

When purchasing Yelp reviews, Farmoid is a good Yelp reviews provider. 

They offer positive and negative reviews, offering you all the reviews you want. 

Farmoid prides itself on maintaining privacy and discretion in its operations, ensuring the security of user data without demanding passwords. 

This trust extends to their payment processing, characterized by its security. 

However, there are some caveats to consider, primarily the question of sustainability. 

While Farmoid can boost search engine ranking and user engagement, the long-term viability of such growth may pose challenges. 


  • Private and Discreet Service
  • No Password Required
  • Secure Payment Processing


  • Boosts Search Engine Ranking
  • Encourages User Engagement
  • Paid Reviews can be Bad Reviews for Competitors.


  • Unsustainable Growth
  • Chance of Fake Yelp Reviews

7. Media Mister

Score 5.8/10

Media Mister, our seventh contender in the realm of sites specializing in Yelp reviews, presents various distinctive features. 

Notably, it boasts unbiased reviewers, a quality crucial for maintaining the authenticity of your reviews. 

Additionally, their pool of reviewers spans local and global spheres, allowing for tailored feedback catering to your target audience’s geographic location. 

Furthermore, Media Mister offers competitive pricing, making their services accessible to various businesses. 

Despite these merits, it’s essential to remember that while these reviews can potentially increase sales conversions.


  • Unbiased Reviewers
  • Local and Global Reviewers
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Increases Sales Conversions
  • Enhances Brand Visibility
  • No False Reviews


  • Inauthentic Reviews Detected
  • Chance you Buy Fake Reviews

8. Social Viral

Score 5.2/10

Social Viral, an established player in platforms offering Yelp reviews for sale, distinguishes itself through several key features. 

The service prides itself on detailed reporting, providing buyers with valuable insights into the performance of purchased reviews. 

These reviews often positively impact a business’s ratings, improving overall visibility. Speed is another hallmark, with quick turnaround times ensuring rapid results.


  • Detailed Reporting
  • Positive Impact on Ratings
  • Quick Turnaround Time


  • Saves Time and Effort
  • Supports Marketing Campaigns


  • Potential Loss of Customer Trust
  • Chance of False Reviews
  • Possible Fake Yelp Reviews

9. Viralyft

Score 4.1/10

Viralyft, a platform to buy Yelp Reviews, garners a score of 4.1/10. 

While it offers certain advantages, such as the potential to foster customer loyalty and increase the number of customer reviews, there are noteworthy drawbacks. 

When you use Viralyft to buy Yelp reviews, one significant concern is the risk of detection by Yelp. 

As Yelp employs stringent measures to maintain the authenticity and integrity of its reviews, artificially generated ones could lead to severe consequences, including account suspension or loss of credibility. 

With Viralyft, you can leave negative reviews on Yelp for your competitors. Post reviews for your business page can make a big difference.


  • Custom Review Lengths
  • Review Monitoring Tools
  • Review Content Proofreading
  • Buy Negative Yelp Reviews for Competitors


  • Fosters Customer Loyalty
  • Increases Customer Reviews


  • Risk of Detection by Yelp

10. UpViews

Score 3.2/10

UpViews, our final contender in the realm of Yelp review providers, stands with a score of 3.2/10. 

They aim to instill confidence with their satisfaction guarantee for positive reviews. 

While their service can create a buzz around a business, acting as a cost-effective solution, it comes with the caveat of potential damage to a business’s reputation.

This concern should not be taken lightly, as post fake reviews can tarnish a company’s image, potentially resulting in customer distrust and even legal consequences. 


  • Bulk Discounts
  • No Risk of Yelp Penalties
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Creates a Buzz Around Business
  • Provides a Cost-Effective Solution


  • Damage to Business Reputation
  • Likely Fake Yelp Reviews

How do you buy positive Yelp reviews?

Here’s a guide on how to buy Yelp reviews.

Step 1: Choose a Reputable Provider

Select a trusted service provider known for delivering authentic Yelp reviews. UseViral, SidesMedia, Growthoid, Twesocial, and TokUpgrade have established credibility in this field. 

Research each provider’s reviews, reputation, and pricing to make an informed decision.

Step 2: Define Your Review Needs

Determine the number of Yelp reviews you require and the specific details you want them to include. 

Whether you need positive reviews, negative ones for competitors, or a mix, clarity is vital for your provider to meet your expectations.

Step 3: Contact Customer Support

Reach out to the chosen provider’s customer support to discuss your requirements. 

Inquire about their review generation process, the timing of reviews, and any other concerns you may have. 

A reputable provider should be transparent about their methods.

Step 4: Make the Purchase

Once satisfied with your discussions with customer support, proceed to purchase. Most providers offer various payment options, including PayPal or credit cards. Ensure the payment process is secure.

Step 5: Provide Necessary Information

After the purchase, the provider may ask for information about your business, such as the Yelp page URL and specific review content. 

Be prepared to provide this information promptly.

Step 6: Monitor the Review Process

Keep track of the review process as reviews are posted to your Yelp page. 

Reputable providers often ensure a gradual and organic-looking delivery to avoid raising suspicions with Yelp’s algorithms.

Step 7: Evaluate the Results

Once the reviews are posted, assess their impact on your Yelp page’s reputation and visibility. 

While purchased reviews can boost your rating, they may not always lead to genuine long-term customer engagement.

Why does choosing a reputable Yelp review provider matter?

Choosing a reputable Yelp review provider matters significantly due to several critical reasons that impact your business’s online reputation and long-term success.

Review Authenticity 

Reputable providers ensure that the Yelp reviews they generate are genuine and comply with Yelp’s guidelines. 

This authenticity helps build trust with potential customers who read your reviews.

Avoid Penalties 

Yelp is vigilant about detecting fake or manipulated reviews. 

Choosing a reputable provider reduces the risk of your business facing penalties, including negative consequences for your Yelp page’s visibility and credibility.

Improved Online Reputation 

Authentic reviews from reputable providers can enhance your business’s online reputation. 

Positive, credible reviews can attract more customers and improve your overall rating, which is crucial for attracting and retaining clientele.

Trust and Credibility 

Genuine reviews signal trust and credibility to potential customers. 

When people see that your Yelp reviews are from real customers, they are more likely to engage with your business, as they perceive it as trustworthy.

Long-Term Benefits 

Reputable providers focus on ethical practices that promote long-term benefits. 

While purchasing reviews can give you a short-term boost, authentic reviews from real customers can lead to sustained growth and customer loyalty.

Protection from Scams 

Some unethical providers engage in fraudulent practices that can harm your business’s reputation. 

Reputable providers prioritize transparency and ethical standards, protecting your business from scams.

Enhanced Visibility 

Yelp’s algorithms consider various factors, including review authenticity, when determining a business’s visibility. 

Authentic reviews from reputable providers can positively influence your Yelp page’s ranking, making it more discoverable to potential customers.

Why should you buy Yelp reviews?

Let’s delve deeper into the advantages of buying Yelp reviews in the context of boosting visibility, attracting customers, gaining a competitive edge, jumpstarting new businesses, and enhancing reputation:

Boosting Visibility 

Yelp is a go-to platform for users searching for local businesses. 

When potential customers search for services or products you offer, Yelp reviews can significantly impact your visibility. 

Positive reviews improve your ranking within Yelp’s search results, making your business more prominent. 

This increased visibility can lead to more views, clicks, and visits to your business.

Attracting More Customers 

Positive Yelp reviews are akin to virtual recommendations from other customers. 

When potential customers come across a business with a high rating and numerous positive reviews, it piques their interest. 

They are more likely to click on your business listing, explore your offerings, and consider choosing you over competitors. 

These customers can leave positive reviews, which can be the initial spark that attracts customers to your business.

Competitive Edge 

In crowded and competitive markets, it’s challenging to stand out. 

If you buy Yelp reviews, it can give you a competitive edge. 

When your business has a strong and positive review presence, you’re more likely to catch the attention of potential customers, even when surrounded by similar businesses. 

This edge can translate into more customers choosing your business over others.

Jump Starting New Businesses 

For newly established businesses, accumulating genuine reviews can be slow and challenging. 

It’s often a catch-22 situation where you need reviews to attract customers, but you need customers to get Yelp reviews. 

Buying a few positive reviews can help you break this initial barrier. It gives your new business positive feedback, making it more enticing to early customers.

Enhancing Reputation  

Online reputation is paramount in today’s digital age. 

Positive Yelp reviews contribute significantly to enhancing your business’s online reputation. 

They testify to your credibility, reliability, and the quality of your products or services. 

An excellent reputation makes potential customers more comfortable and confident in choosing your business, leading to increased trust and a higher likelihood of conversion.


Buying Yelp reviews can be a strategic move for businesses looking to thrive in the digital age. 

It boosts visibility, attracts customers, and provides a competitive edge in crowded markets. For new businesses, it jumpstarts their online presence. 

These Yelp reviews enhance reputation and build trust with potential customers. Frankly, one negative review on Yelp can mess up your image.

However, choosing a reputable provider is crucial to ensure authenticity and avoid fake reviews. 

Frequently asked questions

Is it legal to buy Yelp reviews?

It’s not illegal to buy Yelp reviews, but only if you choose a reputable provider.

What is the purpose of buying positive reviews?

Buying reviews is primarily done to enhance a business’s online reputation, attract more customers, and improve visibility on Yelp.

Do purchased Yelp reviews look genuine?

Reputable providers strive to make reviews appear authentic, and by choosing a reliable provider that gives high-quality reviews, you are at no risk.

Are there risks associated with buying Yelp reviews?

There are no risks when you buy reviews. More reviews on Yelp can help you as a business owner with growth.

How can I choose a reputable provider for buying reviews on Yelp?

When you buy Yelp reviews, look for providers with a history of delivering authentic, good customer reviews and transparent practices.

Do purchased Yelp reviews guarantee increased business?

While more reviews can improve your online reputation and visibility, long-term success depends on offering quality products or services outside the Review page.

Can buying Yelp reviews negatively impact my business?

There is no chance of negative impact when you get more reviews on Yelp.

Does someone know I am posting reviews on Yelp?

Likely, no one will know you use a service to write positive reviews on your page. You should be okay if you have a credible business page that deserves good reviews or use a service where you can buy real Yelp Reviews.

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