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How To Monetize Your Affiliate Marketing On TikTok

So, picture this – we’re in the era of TikTok, where even your grandma might be busting out dance moves! As another example, imagine you’ve got this fashionista, right? She’s no Kardashian, but she’s passionate about ethical fashion and has a decent fanbase. What does she do? Affiliate marketing on TikTok. Boom! She’s earning big just by sharing stuff she …

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Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers (2023)

Ever heard Milan Kundera’s words? He said business has two parts – the cool stuff (innovation) and the cash-making stuff (marketing). Image credit: As bloggers, we tend to be great at the cool stuff – cranking out awesome content like nobody’s business. But what about the cash-making part? That’s where affiliate marketing enters the chat. It’s like a secret …

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