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Find The Floppa Morphs Locations in the Construction Map

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Find The Floppa Morphs is a Roblox game developed by BIG PLAY.

The goal of the game is to find all Floppas in all maps.

There are over 30 themed maps including Basic, City, Desert, Mountain, and more.

If you need a hint, select “Morphs” and select the Floppa that you need help with.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find The Floppa Morphs in the construction map in Roblox and their locations (all 9 of them).

Road Roller Floppa

  • Under the slope next to some tubes.

Loader Floppa

  • On the wooden plank hanging from the crane.

Traffic Cone Floppa

  • Next to a traffic cone near some gray containers.

Shovel Floppa

  • On top of a pile of soil.

Storage Container Floppa

  • On top of an orange container.

Grader Floppa

  • Near some brown wooden planks that are stacked like a triangle.

Porta Potty Floppa

  • Go inside the small porta potty at the end of the map.

Taco Floppa

  • On the third floor of the building under construction.

Construction Sign Floppa

  • At the end of the plank at the end of the map.

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