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How to Fix Party Play Not Showing in Pokemon Go

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Party Play is a mode in Pokémon GO that allows you to team up with 2 to 4 nearby trainers.

Your Trainer avatars appear on each other’s maps, and your real-world locations update as you move.

However, avatars for kids’ accounts won’t appear on others’ maps, and they won’t see other trainers.

To use Party Play, you need to be at least Level 15, and parents or guardians can enable it for kids’ accounts.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix Pokemon Go Party Play not showing up or not working on Android or iPhone.

How to Fix Party Play Not Showing in Pokemon Go

To fix Party Play not showing in Pokemon Go, you need to enable it for your kid’s account.

You can also try updating the Pokemon Go app or clearing the app’s cache.

Fix 1: Enable Party Play for your child

  1. Visit the Niantic Kids Parent Portal or Pokémon Trainer Club website (depending on where you’re managing your kid’s account).
  2. Log in to your parent account and select your child’s account from the menu.
  3. Pokemon Go Settings > Permissions for your Child > Party Play.
  4. Enable “Party Play” and save the setting.
  5. Restart the Pokemon Go app and the “Party Play” tab should show up.

Fix 2: Update Pokemon Go

  1. Open the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “Pokemon Go” and select it.
  3. Tap on “Update” to update the app.
  4. Open the Pokemon Go app and check if the “Party Play” tab shows up.

Fix 3: Clear the app’s cache

  • For Android: Open the Settings app > Apps > Manage apps > Pokemon Go > Storage > Clear data > Clear cache.
  • For iPhone: Open the Settings app > General > iPhone Storage > Pokemon Go > Offload App > Reinstall Pokemon Go.

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