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How to Solve Chapter 3 School Street in Underground Blossom

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Underground Blossom is a point-and-click adventure set in the Rusty Lake Underground.

Explore various metro stations, solve puzzles, and unravel different timelines.

The game provides a gripping story, classic point-and-click puzzles, and an odd atmosphere.

With 7 unique metro stations, players can earn achievements and enjoy an immersive soundtrack.

In this walkthrough guide, you’ll learn how to solve Chapter 3: School Street in Underground Blossom (yearbook, code, and clock).

How to Solve Chapter 3 School Street in Underground Blossom

Underground Blossom Chapter 3: School Street walkthrough:

  1. Collect the peanut from the peanut bag.
  2. Fold the paper into an airplane and collect it.
  3. Saw the sausage can open and get the sausage.
  4. Talk to the nerd with the yearbook and sort the pictures in his book (this will unlock an achievement).
  5. Give him all the collected items and take the worm.
  6. Feed the bird and make it lay an egg, which drops on Johnny.
  7. Click on Johnny until the other girl yells at him (this will unlock another achievement).
  8. Go through Johnny’s dropped book bag and measure out the lollipop, sharpener, and cigarette.
  9. The code is: 637. Return the photos to Laura and get the time, 2:45.
  10. Behind Laura there is a ticket machine.
  11. Follow the arrows and make sure every button is pressed down (start from the bottom right corner).
  12. The number of arrows corresponds to how many spaces you move (^ means move up once and >>> means move right thrice).
  13. Once you solve the puzzle, the ticket should drop.
  14. Change the time to 2:45 and give the ticket to the conductor (this will unlock another achievement).

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