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Jujimufu Height, Weight, and Age

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Jujimufu (Jon Call) is a YouTuber, bodybuilder, and fitness influencer based in North Carolina.

He went viral after uploaded the weighted chair split videos and after competing in America’s Got Talent season 11.

Jujimufu started going to the gym when he was 14 and fell in love with deadlifts and squats.

Jon chose Jujimufu as a random name for AOL messenger and it stuck with him.

In his free time, he organizes his thoughts into text documents, clean stuff, and walk around.

In this article, you’ll learn who is Jujimufu, his height, weight, age, stats, wife, workout plan, social media, and more.

Jujimufu stats

WordPress Table with Age Calculation

Full name Jon Call (Jujimufu)
Weight 109 kg (241 lbs)
Height 177 cm (5’10”)
Nationality American
Year of birth 1985
Profession YouTuber, Bodybuilder, Fitness Influencer

Source: Asking bodybuilders their stats, then measuring them part 2 by Eric Kanevsky Official.

Jujimufu height and weight

Jujimufu is 5’10” (177 cm) in height and about 241 lbs (109 kg) in weight.

He is living in North Carolina, USA, and his nationality is American.

Note: These are estimated figures and are not perfect measurements (weight can fluctuate daily).

Source: In a YouTube video titled “Asking bodybuilders their stats, then measuring them part 2”, Eric Kanevsky measured Jujimufu’s height and weight.


Jujimufu is a bodybuilder and fitness influencer.

He went viral after doing the weighted chair split and he competed in season 11 of America’s Got Talent.

Before he pursued the fitness industry, Jujimufu was a technical manager for a biotechnology company for 7 years.

He quit in job in December 2016 and began making making YouTube videos.

Jujimufi also has a website that sells smelling salts, pants, hoodies, and programs.

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