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Pet Simulator 99 Preston’s Shop Super Secret Code

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Earn coins, crack open eggs, and amass a collection of adorable pets in Pet Simulator 99.

Unlock a total of 99 eggs and equip yourself with a diverse array of 99 pets.

Engage in entertaining minigames, explore the expansive in-game world, and join clans.

Enhance your gaming experience by trading pets with other players.

The game is suitable for all ages and has garnered 500 million visits since its launch.

In this article, you’ll learn what’s the super secret code in Preston’s Shop in Pet Simulator 99 in Roblox and its location.

How to get to Preston’s Shop

  1. Unlock Area 35 in Pet Simulator 99.
  2. Go inside the tunnel on the left of the area.
  3. Interact with the shop by pressing “E”.
  4. Enter the super secret code and select “Submit!”.

What’s the super secret code in Preston’s Shop in Pet Simulator 99?

The super secret code in Preston’s Shop has not been discovered yet.

There are some claims that the code is “ninetynine”, “petsim99”, “sim99adder”, etc.

However, these codes have been tested and they do not work.

The code might be released in a future Pet Simulator 99 update.

As soon as the code is discovered, it’ll be added to this guide.

For now, you can bookmark the page (click on the star icon on Chrome) and check back later.

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