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Pokemon Sleep – What It Is and How To Play

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The Pokemon Company has released a new app called Pokemon Sleep, after announcing it in a Pokemon Presents stream on February 27, 2023. This app is available on iOS and Android devices and is mainly a sleep-tracking app. However, it also includes many gameplay elements involving Pokemon.

If you’re a Pokemon fan, Pokemon Sleep is a great way to track your sleep while collecting Pokemon and has some added gameplay. This app can be a great motivator if you have trouble getting enough sleep at night. We’ll show you what Pokemon Sleep is and how to play it to maximize your experience.

What Is Pokemon Sleep?

In Pokemon Sleep, your goal is to research the sleep styles of as many different types of Pokemon as possible. To achieve this, you use the app to track your sleep (which works similarly to other sleep-tracking apps), and when you wake up, Pokemon will gather the data to add to your research.

The gameplay mainly centers around powering up a Snorlax, who attracts Pokemon as you sleep. Throughout the game, you can power up Snorlax by feeding him through food dropped by Pokemon in your party or by cooking recipes.

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You can also befriend Pokemon and choose some of them to be in your party, and these will be the Pokemon you have around during the day to feed Snorlax and provide you with recipe ingredients. To befriend a Pokemon, you’ll need to feed them biscuits, raising their friendship level with you until it hits the Max friendship level.

There are also missions you’ll need to complete to move forward in the game, and you can get rewards by completing these.

How Do You Track Your Sleep?

The most crucial aspect of Pokemon Sleep is tracking your sleep. To do this, you’ll select the Sleep button to begin the monitoring. You can also set a typical bedtime to try to fall asleep. When the sleep tracking begins, you can set an alarm and play some music if you wish. Then, you’ll want to plug your phone in to stay on throughout the night and put it face down on your bed. You can also use the Pokemon Go Plus+ device to track your sleep.

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While you sleep, Pokemon Sleep will use your sounds and movements to determine what stages of sleep you are in, as well as how long you slept for. You’ll see all of this tracked data when you wake up and end your sleep session.

How to Play Pokemon Sleep

From your tracked sleep, the app will give you a Sleep Score from 0 to 100, depending on how long you slept. You will also be given a sleep type: dozing, snoozing, or slumbering. These factors will determine the Pokemon who show up around Snorlax, who you can add to your record and befriend you. Your sleep score will also be multiplied by the Snorlax’s current strength score to get your Drowsy Power, which will draw more Pokemon to the area.

Each Pokemon has multiple different sleep styles, so even if the same Pokemon appears more than once, you’ll want to see if there’s a new sleep style you can record for it. To befriend Pokemon that show up, you’ll need to feed them biscuits.

Using Biscuits

A few different kinds of biscuits are available to feed Pokemon, and each can raise friendship levels by an additional amount.

A Bonus Biscuit can raise friendship levels by 3 points (you need 5 to max out friendship and befriend the Pokemon.) A Poke Biscuit raises levels by 1, a Great Biscuit by 3, a Premium Bonus Biscuit by 4, and the Master Biscuit, which instantly maximizes friendship.

What It Is and How To Play

You can get a Bonus Biscuit for free per each sleep session, and you can buy other biscuits in the shops or earn them through rewards by completing missions, leveling up, etc.

Feeding Snorlax

Another goal of the game is to feed Snorlax as much as possible throughout the day. Doing this increases Snorlax’s strength, which allows more types of Pokemon to appear. Feeding Snorlax can be done in a couple of different ways. First, you can tap on your party Pokemon, which stays around Snorlax during the day to get some berries. Snorlax will eat these, and it will slowly increase its power.

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You can also cook full meals for Snorlax. You can feed Snorlax three meals throughout the day: breakfast from 6 AM to 12 PM, lunch from 12 PM to 6 PM, and dinner from 6 PM to 6 AM. These meals boost Snorlax’s power much more quickly. To cook a meal, simply tap on Snorlax and select Get Cooking.

Cooking Meals

To cook meals, you need ingredients. You can get these from the Pokemon in your party when you tap on them. When you cook Snorlax a meal, you can choose Auto Cook or Choose a Recipe. First, you’ll need to use Auto Cook to discover new recipes, and then you can choose to cook from these recipes in the future.

Once the meal is cooked, Snorlax will eat it, and his power will increase by the Dish Strength amount. To improve these amounts, cook meals the specific Snorlax in the area likes.

Pokemon Teams

Once you befriend Pokemon, you can add them to your team. These Pokemon stay around during the day and give you berries and ingredients. You can choose which Pokemon you want in your team by going to Pokemon > Edit Teams.

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Here, you can create up to five different teams you can choose from to help you during the day. You can check each Pokemon’s stats and the team’s overall stats. There are a few stats you’ll want to pay attention to the most when creating your teams. These are the RP stat or Research Power and each Pokemon’s specialties.

RP tells you how effective a Pokemon is for strengthening the Snorlax. A higher RP means it can give Snorlax more strength. Pokemon can have a high RP naturally, or you can level them up to increase the stat.

When creating a team, you’ll also want to pay attention to each Pokemon’s specialty. Some Pokemon have an ingredient specialty, so their skill set is geared towards providing more ingredients. A Pokemon can also have a skills specialty, which increases stats for other Pokemon so they can offer more help. A Pokemon can also have a berries specialty, allowing you to collect more from them.

Improve Your Sleep and Have Fun With Pokemon Sleep

Sleeping on time can be difficult, but a gamification app like Pokemon Sleep can make it more enticing. This app provides plenty of reasons to keep coming back, especially for Pokemon fans or anyone looking to add some fun to their daily lives.

Have you tried Pokemon Sleep yet? Let us know your thoughts below!