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Reasons Your Small Business Must Have a Custom Mobile-Friendly Web Design

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We all use the internet now and then, whether through smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PCs. However, it has been found that over 90 percent of the global internet population uses a mobile device to go online, according to Statista. Convenience is the main reason why mobile devices are preferred by most – it is handheld; it is small; you can carry it anywhere, and it’s not heavy! Although this does not eliminate the chances of people using other gadgets to browse the internet, recent studies show that up to 70 percent of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

This data is critical when developing your website. If you haven’t made your website mobile-friendly yet, then it’s more likely that you’ve been missing a lot of potential leads and conversions. As smartphones dominate our daily living, it also becomes a vital factor in maximizing every business’s digital marketing efforts. This lifestyle is here to stay, so take advantage of it.

As marketers and entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to meet the needs of our consumers and potential clients. As such, the need to adapt to this change or current trend is of the highest importance. Developing a responsive and engaging website is a must but is a bit of a process. It takes skills, knowledge, and expertise to implement tools and strategies seamlessly. This calls for digital marketing professionals like us here in Proweaver.

But before that, let us help you understand mobile-friendliness and how a mobile-friendly website can help widen your reach and drive success. This article will answer the following questions about mobile-friendliness that might be going in your head:

  1. What does a mobile-friendly website mean?
  2. What are the key features of a mobile-friendly website?
  3. Why should a website be mobile-friendly?
  4. How to develop a mobile-friendly website?
  5. What are the benefits of a mobile-friendly website?


What Does a Mobile-friendly Website Mean?

A mobile-friendly website is characterized by a responsive design that works both ways, which means the website is properly functioning and well-formatted when browsed across devices. A user can view the website optimally on nearly all screen resolutions. It features no usability concern regardless of the device one uses.

What are the Key Features of a Mobile-friendly Website?

Mobile-friendliness remains the primary ranking factor for Google SERPs. If you have a website, make sure it is truly mobile-friendly by ticking these boxes:

  • Optimum image display – images display smaller but still adequately fit the screen resolution
  • Simplified navigation– icons are incorporated into the website for a quicker and more efficient way to browse through your website
  • Static content does not change or reformat– the content is well adjusted to the screen size with no formatting issues or errors
  • Does not rely on mobile OS (operating system) to function properly– it functions on all devices with varying operating systems
  • Functional animations and material designs– animations and other visualizations/designs are added for easier website navigation
  • Effective card design– the content on your website are divided into smaller sections that are easy to scroll through
  • Intuitive interface across devices– use an interface that is familiar to your target market and that makes them feel comfortable while browsing through your website
  • Wearable technology– your website must retain its functionality when browsed through wearable devices like Apple Watch or Android-compatible devices

Why Should a Website be Mobile-friendly?

Having an optimized website design allows your website to adapt to any device, provide an optimal viewing experience for your consumers, and boost your site’s overall performance.

It is also a long-term approach to digital marketing.

With a mobile-friendly website, you can save money on future design, development, and maintenance. There is no need to manage two separate websites for two separate devices (e.g., smartphone and desktop) since it is responsive and adapts to every device, which means that it functions as intended no matter the device.

Creating mobile-friendly websites is the future of web design. It is a quality investment that guarantees real returns. Investing in this innovation can help drive success for your brand in the long run.

Not convinced yet? Well, we have curated a list of the benefits you can get from an optimized, mobile-friendly website.

Stay in the Competition

A mobile-friendly website engages users more than ever. With higher user engagement comes organic clicks, possible conversions, sales, and a positive return on investment. If your competitors don’t have a responsive website design and you do, their visitors are more likely to become your paying customers. Otherwise, your competitors might get ahead of you in connecting to potential leads and would lead you to experience losses.

Establish Trust and Credibility with Your Target Market and Visitors

Imagine browsing through a website with poor designs, visuals, and other marketing materials. Would you like to stay there and learn more about them, or would you close the website and look for a better one? I bet it’s the former. After all, who would want to continue browsing on a website that does not offer user engagement and accessibility?

However, suppose that website is designed for a seamless user experience and mobile friendliness; it’s more likely that you will continue browsing through the website and revisit it for future references. This is because, with a mobile-friendly website, you will be seen by your consumers and target market as flexible, adaptive, and innovative. Remember that website functionality and consistency can help you build credibility and trust from your users.

Because Customers Are Demanding for It

Yep, that’s right. Users have a meager interest in an unoptimized site. 61% of online users will abandon a site that is not mobile-friendly. But that wouldn’t be surprising. Fortunately, there is still time. Make sure not to make the same mistake. Partner with professionals in developing your brand and producing a custom-designed website for your business, and make sure that it is responsive and optimized for any screen resolution. This way, your consumers will have a better user experience and give you sales opportunities!

You Can Enhance your Search Engine Results Page Ranking

A mobile-friendly website and responsive design enable users to engage with the website more actively. The longer they stay on the website, the more likely they are to convert into customers. And as a result of word of mouth, an increasing number of people will visit the website and possibly convert to consumers. This traffic may assist the website in achieving a higher ranking in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), thereby enhancing the website’s accessibility.

You Can Expand Your Horizons and Reach More People

Responsive websites facilitate online collaboration. It simply encourages people to share your website on a variety of online platforms.

Mobile-friendliness is also a ranking factor in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). A website that is optimized for mobile devices typically ranks higher in search results. It is one of the less-than-secret factors in achieving a higher search engine ranking.

It Is Easier to Manage

Rather than worrying about developing two separate websites for desktop and mobile, responsive designs integrate everything. Responsive designs allow you to avoid the hassles of changing the arrangement of texts, images, and videos on your web page, depending on the device your visitors are using. Responsive websites also load faster than non-responsive designs, which helps boost your SERPs rankings on Google.

Potential Consumers Can Contact You Easily

Consumers are more likely to do business with you if you are easy to reach and interact with. If you have a mobile-friendly website, your potential leads can easily locate your email address and phone number, prompting them to call you. Having fast and effective communication between brands and the target market offers broad sales and conversion opportunities.

How to Develop a Mobile-friendly Website?

Developing a mobile-friendly website is a complex, step-by-step process. Generally, it involves these practices: optimizing JavaScript, optimizing CSS, optimizing images, optimizing loading speed, utilizing caching, and ditching text-blocking ads and pop-ups. But at Proweaver, we offer world-class custom website design services that work around your budget and drive your brand into its full online potential.

Proweaver strategically designs your website to ensure its responsiveness and quality through a comprehensive process. Our experts will work together to identify your custom web design needs, plan the design of your website within the working costs, select optional extra specs to increase impact and visuals, assist with licensing, and schedule the delivery.

Our Process

  1. Setting the Scope

    We help you determine your website design goals, optional extras, licensing, terms & delivery schedule, and overall cost.

  2. Previewing the Design

    We provide a mock-up of the website’s design and the website’s interface according to client specifications within 3-5 days.

  3. Designing and Developing

    We have a skilled team that does the coding of the web design and equips the website with functions specified in the project scope.

  4. Integrating Contents

    We review and complete all the functional requirements and integrate expertly written content to create a fully functional website.

  5. Previewing, Testing, and Launching

    We run, review, and test the responsiveness of the website before launching the newly created custom website online.

  6. Maintaining Performance

    We continuously check the site for errors and opportunities for improvement and provide avenues for support requests.

Proweaver Custom Website Design Features

  • Responsive Website
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • SEO-Ready
  • Free Logo, Design, and Copywriting
  • Custom WordPress
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Royalty-Free Photos
  • Affordable Pricing

Website design is not just graphic design; it is also information design — communication design. Most web design companies only focus on the aesthetic visuals of landing pages without realizing the value of information embedded on a website and how this could help visitors.

Proweaver PH aims to bring effective technology and digital business solutions to the world. We offer fast, dependable, and world-class tools and strategies. We have offered certified marketing strategies and guaranteed custom software for more than a decade now. Tell us your vision, and we will get you there. With our plethora of services, seasoned with our experience and expertise, we can help you increase your reach and strengthen your impact.

What are the Benefits of a Mobile-friendly Website?

Mobile users’ attention spans are short, and they may be scurrying to find a service during their break times. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are at risk of experiencing losses both in ROI and click-through rates.

Mobile-friendly websites are specifically coded in such a manner that they can adjust to the user’s screen size and look excellent on whatever device is used. Among other things, mobile-friendly websites typically offer the following benefits and advantages:

  • Streamlined experience across devices
  • Positive ranking signal
  • Prominent calls-to-action
  • Fewer ads and pop-ups
  • Improved mobile conversion rate
  • Improved user experience
  • Easy to locate the contact information
  • Faster load speed
  • More flexible and cost-effective than app development
  • Buttons are large and easily targeted
  • Increased user engagement and average time on site
  • Stay ahead of the competition

Suppose you’re considering a mobile update and/or redesign for your corporate website. In that case, you’ll certainly want to work with an experienced web developer to get the job right and smoothly sailing. But even if you get everything perfect today, the way mobile devices look and function will continue to evolve, and today’s mobile-friendly website may no longer function properly tomorrow due to technological advancements. So, be sure to maintain the performance of your website through continuous testing, creating appropriate adjustments, and putting your mobile users in mind, and you should be OK.

Proweaver is your partner in growth, accessibility, and innovation. Other businesses have extended their reach online. This is high time for you to expand your horizon and bring online success to your business through a website designed by experts here at Proweaver.

For more details about us and how we can help you realize your online potential, you can visit our website at If you would like a complimentary website assessment for your organization, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using our phone number stated below. We will gladly provide you with recommendations and price estimates.

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