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Reverse 1999 Plan of Escape Route Answer

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Reverse 1999 is an RPG set in the 20th century with a time-travel theme, developed by Bluepoch.

The game’s story is about the “Storm” that occurred on the last day of 1999.

As the Timekeeper, you can travel through different time periods to save Arcanists.

The game features unique visuals blending various art styles, offers a cinematic adventure.

It also includes full English voice acting with authentic accents and diverse Arcanists.

In this guide, you’ll learn the answer to Plan of Escape Route (Plan a Route) in Reverse 1999 (3 – 12 Burning Tears).

Reverse 1999 Plan of Escape Route Answer

Description: This could be a desperate attempt. You must take it seriously.

Answer: Connect 1 to 5 as shown in the second screenshot above.

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