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TFT Champion Pool Size – Followchain

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TFT (Teamfight Tactics) is an auto-chess game developed by Riot Games.

You can deploy characters from League of Legends and battle for survival.

The game features unique characters, traits, items, augments, skins, and more.

Build your team of demons, shapeshifters, Assassins, and more.

Editor’s note: I was ranked Challenger in set 1 of TFT and peaked top 15 in the SEA region (so you can trust this article).

This guide contains a list of Teamfight Tactics TFT champion pool size for each cost, how it works, probabilities, and more.

What is the champion pool in TFT?

In TFT, champions are in a shared pool—the more the same champion is bought by players, the less it’ll appear in the shop.

To see how many champions are left in the pool, you need to scout other players and look at their board and bench.

If too many of the same champion is taken, you might not want to roll the shop as the chances of you getting it are low.

When a player gets eliminated, their board of champions goes back into the champion pool.

If you have HP to spare, the strategy is to wait for the player(s) who has the champion(s) that you want to get eliminated before you start rolling aggressively.

That way, you can increase the chances of getting the champion that you want in the shop.

TFT Champion Pool Size

TFT champion pool size:

Cost Size
1-cost copies 29
2-cost copies 22
3-cost copies 18
4-cost copies 12
5-cost copies 10

Note: Updated as of patch 14.2.

Source: (Ranked rewards and more > Systems > Headliner).

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