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TFT Golden Egg Loot Table

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TFT (Teamfight Tactics) is an auto-chess game developed by Riot Games.

You can deploy characters from League of Legends and battle for survival.

The game features unique characters, traits, items, augments, skins, and more.

Build your team of demons, shapeshifters, Assassins, and more.

Editor’s note: I was ranked Challenger in set 1 of TFT and peaked top 15 in the SEA region (so you can trust this article).

In this article, you’ll learn the TFT golden egg loot table, what is it, when to pick it, drop percentages, cashouts, and more for all sets.

What is the golden egg in TFT?

The golden egg in TFT is a prismatic augment that hatches in 11 turns for massive loot.

If you win a player combat, it’ll speed up the hatch timer by an extra turn.

The golden egg is one of the highest win percentage augments in the game (around 20%).

However, you should only pick the golden egg if you can guarantee that it can hatch.

If you’re on a losing streak, your composition is weak, and you have low economy, you should avoid picking it.

TFT Golden Egg Loot Table

Loot Loot percentage
100 gold 10%
2x Tactician’s Crown, 2x Thieves Gloves, 20 gold 15%
Zeke’s, Chalice, Locket, Radiant Banshee’s, 20 gold 10%
3x Infinity Force, Champion Duplicator, 2x Remover, 15 gold 10%
Tactician’s Crown, Champion Duplicator, Radiant Thieves Gloves, Thieves Gloves, 15 gold 15%
Radiant Item, Ornn Item, Item, 2x 5-cost, Remover, 20 gold 15%
Tactician’s Crown, 2x Champion Duplicator, 4x 5-cost, 15 gold 10%
2x Radiant Item, 2x Remover, 4x 5-cost, 20 gold 15%
Source: @Mortdog on X.

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