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Vale Society Quiz Answers in Call of Dragons

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Enter the world of Call of Dragons as War Pets make their debut.

Capture fierce beasts on a vast map, train them, and summon Behemoths.

Utilize 3D terrain, command flying legions, and unleash powerful skills.

Immerse yourself in an expansive fantasy world and recruit magical heroes.

Master hero skills, manage kingdoms, and prove your worth in the kingdom of Tamaris!

This guide contains all of the Vale Society Quiz answers with special prizes for high scorers and a chance to chat with Velyn.

Vale Society Quiz Answers in Call of Dragons

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Question: What creature did the Orcs of Wilderburg train that greatly strengthened their forces before the Battle of the Hexwood?

Answer: Wyvern.

Question: Which of the following is not a War pet?

Answer: Direbear.

Question: Which of these unit types has an advantage against Infantry units?

Answer: Magic units.

Question: Which human family is closest to the United Merchants’ Guild of Tegar?

Answer: House Laegar.

Question: What does Garwood have on his arm?

Answer: Lifestone.

Question: What does Alwyn do best?

Answer: Poisons.

Question: What is the reward for joining your first Alliance?

Answer: Gems.

Question: Which of the following Heroes is beloved by the orphans at the Orphanage of the Holy Light?

Answer: Eliana.

Question: Waldyr has a family member who also studies magic. How are they related?

Answer: Older brother/younger sister.

Question: What is the reward for defeating Darkling Legions during the Eliana’s Crisis event?

Answer: Ceremonial Mask.

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