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What Does Acoustic Mean on TikTok?

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“Acoustic” is a common comment under TikTok videos.

The original meaning to it is a relation to sound or the sense of hearing.

It can also mean the usage of an instrument not having electrical amplification.

However, the word “Acoustic” has a different definition on TikTok.

In this article you’ll learn the meaning of “Acoustic” on TikTok, where it came from, its definition, and when to use it.

What Does Acoustic Mean on TikTok?

Acoustic on TikTok means autistic—a developmental disability that mainly affects social interaction and communication skills.

On TikTok, certain words and phrases are replaced with other words and phrases.

For example, “Acoustic” is used to replace the word “Autistic” on TikTok.

This is either done for a comical aspect, inclusivity, to bypass a filter, or based an inside joke.

Acoustic (Adjective) on TikTok

  • Relating to or affected by autism.
    • “Why is the cat doing this? Is he acoustic?”.
    • “Why did Miles do that? Is he acoustic?”.

Acoustic on TikTok does not refer to the usage of an instrument not having electrical amplification (e.g. an acoustic guitar).

Instead, it means having an Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and it’s typically used to mock a person or an animal.

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