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10 Best CapCut Templates – Followchain

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CapCut is a user-friendly video editing app that has tools like trimming and merging.

Advanced features include keyframe animation, slow-motion effects, and video stabilization.

It also provides intelligent features like auto lyrics, text-to-speech, and background removal.

Users can add text, stickers, subtitles, and apply trending filters and effects to their videos.

CapCut allows users to include music in their videos and provides multiple sharing options.

This list contains the 10 best CapCut templates that are free and trending for your best friend, anime, TikTok, birthday, and more.

1. Photo collage

This CapCut template is made by 1Ny Emile and has over 49 million uses.

It’s normally used together with the song “Eminem – Superman”.

The template is used for showing off pictures of yourself based on a caption (e.g. Country?).

2. Glow up / transformation

A glow up/transformation CapCut template made by Modelscut.

This template has over 16 million uses and it’s usually used in transformation edits.

3. Girl edit

Template by stayzy on TikTok used over 2.2 million times on CapCut.

For girls and guys looking to show off their pictures.

4. Glow up / transformation 2

Another glow up/transformation CapCut template by Hazel Grayy.

The template is used over 1.4 million times on CapCut.

5. IFYKYK meme

An IFYKYK (if you know, you know) CapCut meme template.

The template is usually used on short clips of popular, NSFW, or inappropriate videos.

6. Sad cat

A sad cat CapCut meme template by Sommer Austin (remake of Baby Yoda Brasilero’s template).

You can use the template to include a funny, sad, and relatable caption.

7. Rambling goat and huh cat

This is a meme template featuring a talking goat and a cat saying “Huh?”.

It’s typically used for school memes and expresses how confused students are in class.

8. Mr. Bombastic meme

The Mr. Bombastic meme template is a popular meme on TikTok.

The meme is about videos with a plot twist that are a few seconds long.

9. Dancing penguins

A dancing penguins Capcut template featuring the dancing Madagascar penguins.

This template is used in dancing videos where people mimic the penguins’ dance.

10. Gumball meme

An Amazing World of Gumball meme featuring a banana watching a video and Gumball catching him red handed.

Its used if you want to showcase a video that you like.

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