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150+ Best HuntingYouTube Channel Name Ideas (2024 List)

If you’re ready to discover a treasure trove of hunting channel name ideas, look no further.

In this post, I’ve created a list of 150+ hunting YouTube channel name ideas for you to choose from.

Whether you’re starting a new channel or looking to rebrand, I’ve got you covered.

Why should you trust me? I’ve navigated the ups and downs of scaling a YouTube channel.

Building a community of 180,000+ subscribers, I know the pitfalls, peaks, and most importantly, the power of a hunting channel name that sticks.

What Are The Best Hunting YouTube Channel Name Ideas?

Here are the best ideas for hunting for YouTube channel names.

Educational Hunting Guides

Teaching people how to hunt is great for targeting beginners in the sport. There’s also lots of content you can create in this niche.

From tutorials on properly shooting a gun or bow, to tracking animals and identifying different species, you’ll never run out of ideas.

Here are the best names for this type of channel:

  • Hunter’s How-To Hub
  • The Hunting Mentor
  • Aim and Approach Tactics
  • Trailblazer Tutorials
  • The Game Tracker’s Guide
  • Wilderness Hunt Wisdom
  • Precision Pursuit Lessons
  • Novice to Nimrod
  • Quarry Quest Academy
  • Pro Hunter Protocols
  • Stealth and Strategy
  • The HuntSmart Workshop
  • Apex Predator Educator
  • The Tracking Tutor
  • Wild Hunt Workshops
  • The Efficient Hunter
  • Marksman Mastery
  • HuntCraft 101
  • Field to Finish Fundamentals
  • The Strategic Stalker
  • Harvesting Horizons
  • Aim, Stalk, Succeed
  • The Hunter’s Handbook
  • Skillful Huntsman
  • Primal Pursuit Training

Hunting Gear Reviews and Recommendations

Hunting Gear Reviews and Recommendations

Hunting gear ranges from the cheap to the very expensive. Helping people choose the right gear for their hunting needs is essential to being a hunter and mentor.

If you have the knowledge of the best gear for your trips, here are possible hunting channel names for this content:

  • Gear Guide Hunter
  • The Outfitter’s Opinion
  • HuntTech Reviews
  • Camo and Cartridges
  • The Gear Hunter’s Haven
  • Wilderness Wearables
  • Precision Gear Insights
  • Apex Apparel Analysis
  • The Equipment Explorer
  • Tactical Tracker Tech
  • WildGear Walkthroughs
  • The Hunter’s Gearbox
  • Optics and Ordnance
  • The Camouflaged Critic
  • HuntHardware Highlights
  • The Gearhead Hunter
  • Aimed Accessories
  • Field-Tested Favorites
  • The Tactical Tailor
  • Wilderness Gadget Guru
  • Hunter’s Heirloom Reviews
  • Stealth Supplies Spotlight
  • The Bowhunter’s Gear Bag
  • GearGrit Reviews
  • The Rifle Range Reviewer

Wilderness Survival Skills

Surviving in the wild can be challenging under difficult circumstances.

Hunters rely on their skills, experience, and gear to stay safe when hunting. Sharing your knowledge with others can help save lives. At the very least, it will make people aware of what to do if they find themselves in an emergency.

Here are the best YouTube channel names for teaching wilderness survival skills:

  • Survive the Hunt
  • Wilderness Wisdom Channel
  • Bushcraft and Bows
  • The Survival Archer
  • Wild Instinct Survival
  • Nature’s Knack
  • The Hunter’s Shelter
  • Survival Strides
  • The Prepared Predator
  • Primal Skills Outdoors
  • Backcountry Basics
  • The Wilderness Wayfinder
  • Trail Survivor Tips
  • Outdoor Life Savvy
  • The Survival Huntsman
  • Wild Survival Tactics
  • Hunter’s Haven Skills
  • Thrive in the Wild
  • Beyond Survival
  • The Bushman’s Guide
  • Wildcraft Mastery
  • The Hunter Gatherer
  • Primeval Pursuit
  • Terra Firma Training
  • Survival Skill Set Stream

Hunting Adventure Vlogs

Hunting Adventure Vlogs

Does going on a hunting adventure (and sharing all the details with others) sound fun? Do you have a specific way you do things when out in the wild?

Or perhaps you’re just an interesting person others would love to hear from? A vlog is a great way to let the camera roll and share every detail of your hunting experience.

If so, here are the names to consider for your YouTube channel:

  • The Thrill of the Chase
  • Hunt Venture Chronicles
  • Wild Trails Vlog
  • Epic Hunts Unleashed
  • Adventure Afield
  • The Wanderlust Hunter
  • Prowl and Predators
  • Nomad Hunts
  • The Hunting Saga
  • Wild Quest Journeys
  • Horizon Hunters
  • Expedition Wild Hunt
  • Stalk and Story
  • Pristine Hunts
  • The Adventurous Archer
  • Terra Chase Tales
  • Frontier Hunts Diary
  • The Pursuit Path
  • Roam and Rifle
  • The Hunter’s Voyage
  • Trophy Trail Adventures
  • Wild Wanderer Vlogs
  • Seek and Stalk
  • Expeditionary Hunts
  • Odyssey of the Outdoorsman

Conservation and Ethical Hunting

Conservation and Ethical Hunting

It doesn’t always have to be about the kill. For many hunters, the adventure and the connection to nature are as exciting as the hunt.

Here are the best YouTube hunting channel names if you love the ethical side to hunting:

  • Eco Hunter Insights
  • The Sustainable Stalker
  • Green Trail Pursuits
  • Ethical Hunt Ethos
  • Conservationist’s Quarry
  • Harmony Hunts
  • Pristine Pursuits Channel
  • EcoEthical Adventures
  • The Mindful Marksman
  • Nature’s Balance Hunting
  • Guardian of the Game
  • Fair Chase Frontiers
  • Stewardship Sportsman
  • The Green Gunman
  • WildCare Hunters
  • Ethical Wilds
  • The Conservation Hunter
  • Heartland Harmony Hunting
  • Respectful Pursuits
  • The Ethical Hunter’s Path
  • Harmony in Hunting
  • Legacy of the Land
  • Wild Ethics Watch
  • Nature’s Stewards
  • Sustainable Stalks

Game Processing and Cooking

What happens after is as important as the hunt itself.

After all, without proper game processing and cooking techniques, there will be no delicious meals to enjoy. Here are the best channel names to use for the post-hunt process:

  • From Field to Feast
  • Wild Game Gourmet
  • The Hunter’s Hearth
  • Quarry to Cuisine
  • Game on the Grill
  • The Butcher’s Block Hunt
  • Wild Feast Adventures
  • HuntCook Delights
  • The Game Chef
  • Trophy Tastes
  • Fireside Game Cooking
  • The Culinary Hunter
  • Wilderness to Table
  • Backwoods Butchery
  • The Sporting Chef
  • Apex Appetites
  • Forest Flavors
  • The Hunter’s Pantry
  • Wild Kitchen Tales
  • Hunt and Harvest Cooking
  • Field Dress to Impress
  • Savory Stalks
  • Primal Plates
  • Game Culinary Quest
  • Trail to Table Tastes

Hunting Dog Training and Tips

Hunting Dog Training and Tips

Canine training is another big part of hunting.

Having loyal dogs that listen to your every word (and take action as soon as you give the command) can make all the difference when hunting.

Here are channel names that share content on training your loyal companions:

  • The Lead and Lineage
  • Canine Hunter’s Guide
  • Fetch and Field Training
  • The Trailhound Trainer
  • Retriever’s Retreat
  • Paws on the Hunt
  • The Hunting Companion
  • Scent Tracker Academy
  • Pointer’s Path
  • The Gun Dog Guru
  • Wild Whistles Training
  • Duck Dog Dynamics
  • The Beagle’s Beat
  • Hounds in the Field
  • The Hunter’s Hound Hub
  • Canine Game Guides
  • Tailored Training Tails
  • The Sporting Spaniel
  • Preydrive Pals
  • HuntPartner Workshops
  • The Loyal Tracker
  • Fieldwork Fur Friends
  • The Hunter’s Best Friend
  • Wilderness Waggers
  • Sporting Dog Strategies

Hunting History and Culture

Hunting has come a long way over the years. We have found better ways to hunt, use weapons, and, most importantly, enjoy the experience.

If you’re a history buff with a specialized interest in hunting (or vice versa), here are some of the best YouTube channel names:

  • The Ancient Archer
  • Heritage Hunters
  • Traditions of the Trail
  • The Culture of the Chase
  • Historic Hunts & Heritage
  • Timeless Treks
  • Legends of the Hunt
  • Hunting Through the Ages
  • The Mythical Marksman
  • Lore of the Land
  • Ancestral Aims
  • The Hunter’s Heirloom
  • Echoes of the Hunt
  • The Hunting Tapestry
  • Chronicles of the Chase
  • The Elders’ Path
  • Bygone Bowmen
  • The Ancestral Archer
  • Saga of Survival
  • The Heritage of Hunting
  • Time-Honored Tracks
  • The Primal Pursuit
  • Ancient Avenues of the Hunt
  • The Hunting Narrative
  • Legacy of the Wild

Rental Hunting Channel Ideas

Rental Hunting Channel Ideas

You don’t always have to have your own equipment to get the thrill. For those who want to offer recommendations and advice on renting hunting equipment, here are some ideas for a rental hunting channel:

  • Huntingdoorists Westwolf Hunting Rental
  • Sirene Scenic Rifle Hunt
  • Diana Hunting Tours
  • Rental Forest Events
  • Hunting Feats Aestrix Rental
  • Hunting Brothers Thunderra Rental
  • Rental Co Vegas Valley

Miscellaneous Hunting Name Ideas

Here are some other ideas to consider when choosing a hunting YouTube channel name:

  • Blaze Hunter Hunting Parties
  • Sport Hunt Course Resource
  • Wildlife Central Scream Hunting
  • Hunting Hound
  • Hunt Unlimited Hunters
  • The Hunting Grounds
  • Omega Hunting Hunter’s Paradise
  • Lodge Cleveland Gun Club
  • Door Canterbury Hunting Lodge
  • Wild West Elk Rodeo
  • Scenic Hunting Rifles
  • Wild Pursuit
  • Bear Landscape Pro Hunting
  • Gaze Deer Hunter’s Insight
  • Gun Saf Deer Valley

Understanding The Hunting Niche

The above YouTube channel name generator ideas are great if you already know your target audience.

However, if you don’t, consider this. The hunting niche isn’t just about tracking and shooting animals for sport or food.

There are a lot of areas you can focus on. There are also different interests and experiences your audience might have.

Choosing a channel name that appeals to:

  • the type of content you’ll create and
  • the audience behind it

…is vital for building a solid and engaged community.

Here are some of the top niches to consider:

  • Big Game Hunting
  • Predator Hunting
  • Waterfowl Hunting
  • Bowhunting
  • Conservation & Sustainability
  • Small Game Hunting
  • DIY & Gear Reviews

While this list is not exhaustive, it will help when choosing the right sub-niche.

With this choice, you’ll also be able to use the right keywords in your YouTube channel name. These keywords make it clear what content you’ll have on your channel.

Consider Your Audience’s Level

One problem content creators make is assuming that everyone has the same level of knowledge as themselves.

The truth is that everyone starts as a beginner.

Understanding this is excellent news when deciding your channel’s name and content.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a hunting expert, you don’t have to be! You can create content if you have more knowledge than the average hunting YouTube enthusiast.

Here are ideas that will help you choose a name ideal for different audience knowledge levels:

  • Beginners: Use words like “101” or “basics” in your channel name. These let viewers know that your content is geared towards those new to hunting.
  • Experienced Hunters: Accomplishment-filled words like “expert” and “pro” work well in channel names for experienced hunters. Those wanting to get better skills will find this attractive.
  • Specific Species Enthusiasts: “Whitetail”, “Elk”, “Turkey” are particular species that many hunters are passionate about. Using this in your channel name can attract those with a particular interest.
  • Hunters with a Competitive Focus: Words like “compete” and “challenge” can attract viewers interested in hunting competitions and challenges.
  • Entertainment-based Hunters: “The Hunting Adventures” or “Wild & Outdoors” are names that suggest an entertaining and exciting hunting experience, These names appeal to viewers looking for entertainment (rather than instructional videos).


The right name for your hunting YouTube channel is not just a set of words.

It will help you define your niche and cut through the noise.

Picking a name that makes it clear to your audience why your channel is right for them will:

  • help you attract the right viewers and
  • keep them coming back for more
  • help build a long-term brand for your channel.

It pays to choose wisely.

Further reading on Want the ultimate list of YouTube channel names? Whether you’re looking for tech channel names, educational ones or even motivational name ideas, I’ve got you covered.

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