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16 Websites to Rent Your Stuff Online For Extra Cash

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Do you have items that you no longer need, but can’t bring yourself to get rid of? Are they taking up space in your house, filling up your closet, or taking up prime real estate in your garage? Why not rent them out for extra cash

There are a number of companies that offer to rent out household items such as clothes, furniture, toys, and linens. By renting these items out, you’re not only making some extra money, but you’re also freeing up space in your house and reducing the clutter. In this blog post, we will explore 16 websites where you can rent out your stuff for extra money.

Factors To Consider Before Renting

There are a few things to keep in mind when renting out your items.

First, make sure that you are clear about what is included in the rental agreement. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts later on.

Second, make sure that the items that you are renting are in good condition and clean. It can be frustrating to deal with outdated amenities or dirty furniture, and customers will quickly start to wonder why they were considering renting from you in the first place.

Finally, be prepared to provide accurate information about your property and meet customer expectations as best as possible. If you put these tips into practice, renting out your stuff should be a breeze!

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16 Websites to Rent Your Stuff Online For Extra Cash

Here are 16 websites where you can list your stuff online and make money:

#1 Fat Llama

fat llama website

Fat Llama is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace where you can rent or borrow almost anything. Fat Llama is based in London but operates globally with people renting and borrowing items from each other in over 100 countries around the world.

The company offers an online platform to connect people who need to borrow something with people who have something to rent out, giving them access to unique and affordable products and services.

On the Fat Llama website, you can search for items to rent or list your own items for others to rent. There are no membership fees and users pay only when they rent or lend an item.

The process is simple: create a listing by providing a photo and description of the item, and then approve rental requests from interested parties.

Once a rental request is approved, you can coordinate a convenient meeting point to hand over the item to the designated renter. To safeguard your belongings from potential damage or rental-related issues, Fat Llama extends insurance coverage of up to $30,000.

To enhance security, Fat Llama has implemented a stringent verification process. All users are required to submit identification documents and complete a Smart Verification procedure.

Fat Llama takes customer satisfaction seriously, offering 24/7 customer support for both lenders and renters. Their dedicated Resolution team is available to assist in resolving any rental-related problems that may arise.

#2 Airbnb

airbnb web

Airbnb is an online platform that allows you to rent out your personal property by the hour, day, or week. The company has nearly 3 million listings across the globe, and you can find places to stay in more than 160 countries.

You can also earn extra money with Airbnb if you have extra space in your home.

The process of renting out your house/apartment/boat/car/truck is simple and straightforward. You just log in to your Airbnb account and search for available properties in your area.

Once you find one that fits your needs, simply decide how long you want to rent it for, then click “book now” and complete the reservation process.

Here’s some key information about Airbnb:

  1. Accommodation Options: Airbnb offers a wide range of accommodation options, including entire homes, apartments, private rooms, and unique stays such as treehouses, yurts, and houseboats. Travelers can choose from different types of accommodations to suit their preferences and budget.
  2. Hosts and Guests: Individuals and property owners can become hosts on Airbnb by listing their spaces for rent. Guests can then search and book these accommodations based on their travel needs. Hosts and guests can leave reviews for each other, helping to build a reputation-based system.
  3. Booking Process: Guests can search for available accommodations based on location, dates, and other preferences. Once they find a listing they’re interested in, they can send a booking request to the host. Hosts have the option to accept or decline the request. Once a booking is confirmed, guests make payments through Airbnb’s platform.

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#3 Turo

turo web

If you own a car that spends most of its time parked, why not make it earn its keep? Turo is a car-sharing platform that allows you to list your vehicle for rent when you’re not using it. 

The process of listing your vehicle and earning money is straightforward: you create a detailed listing for your car, including a description and photos. Once your listing is ready, you can begin earning money by renting it out to interested travelers. Turo notifies you whenever someone expresses interest in renting your car.

When renting out your car through Turo, you have several options for drop-off and pick-up. You can designate a specific location, drop off the car at an airport, or have the renter come to you. After the customer’s trip concludes, you can arrange to meet them and retrieve your car.

Turo determines your list price based on various factors such as your location, your car’s market value, the time of year, and other relevant data. Depending on the package you choose, Turo estimates that you can earn between 65% and 80% of the trip price. You can increase this percentage to 90% if you opt out of Turo’s insurance coverage. However, this choice requires you to secure insurance from another source, so it’s important to weigh the associated costs.

According to Turo’s estimates, if your car holds a market value of $28,000 and you rent it out for at least 15 days annually, you could potentially earn around $7,526 per year.

Turo offers valuable coverage for your car, including a $1 million liability insurance policy and 24/7 roadside assistance throughout the rental period. You also have the flexibility to set controls for factors like mileage, rental price, and fuel usage.

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#4 RVshare

rvshare website

RVshare is a platform that provides an excellent opportunity for RV owners. If your RV spends a significant amount of time parked and unused, you can consider listing it on RVshare.

This platform allows you to rent out your RV to individuals who are seeking a unique travel experience. By sharing your RV on RVshare, you can not only put your vehicle to good use but also earn extra income.

Listing on RVShare is free, and owners can set their own rental rates based on factors like the RV’s make, model, and year. RVShare charges a 25% commission on rental fees and any additional charges like cleaning fees or mileage overages.

RVShare prioritizes safety for both owners and renters. They implement safe-driver requirements for renters and offer automatic rental insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance. The insurance coverage includes $1 million liability coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage for the RV’s value up to $200,000.

This platform is especially beneficial for RV owners who might only use their vehicles a few weeks each year, as renting them out through RVShare can help offset the costs of ownership. It’s a practical way to turn the RV into a source of income rather than an expense.

#5 Spinlister

splinster web

For outdoor sports enthusiasts, Spinlister is the perfect place to rent out bikes, surfboards, and snow gear.

If you have bikes or outdoor gear that you’re not using all the time, you can consider listing them on Spinlister.

This platform connects you with people who are looking for bikes or gear to rent for various activities like cycling, skiing, or surfing. By sharing your items on Spinlister, you can earn extra income while helping others access the equipment they need for their outdoor adventures.

Spinlister charges a flat fee of 17.5% on your rental payments. You have the flexibility to choose your rental price on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

Spinlister also offers protection for your bike, providing coverage of up to $10,000 in case of damage or theft. Additionally, the company enforces a rental agreement that offers protection to bike owners in case of any injuries that may occur during the rental period.

One notable aspect is that Spinlister assures potential listers that they won’t be held responsible if a renter sustains an injury while using the rented equipment.

#6 KitSplit

KitSplit is the go-to platform for photographers and videographers looking to rent out their gear. If you have high-quality camera gear, lighting equipment, or other filmmaking and photography tools that you’re not using all the time, you can consider listing them on KitSplit.

This platform connects you with creatives and professionals in need of equipment for their projects. By sharing your gear on KitSplit, you can earn extra income while supporting the creative community and ensuring that your equipment gets utilized to its fullest potential.

It’s a practical way to make the most out of your equipment and contribute to the world of visual arts and media production.

#7 BabyQuip

BabyQuip offers a convenient solution for parents and caregivers who need baby equipment while traveling or visiting new places.

If you have baby gear such as cribs, strollers, car seats, and other essentials, you can become a “Quality Provider” on BabyQuip. This allows you to offer your items for rent to families seeking a hassle-free way to ensure their children have a comfortable and safe environment while away from home. 

#8 FriendWithA

FriendWithA is an innovative online rental platform that caters to a diverse range of items, making it easy for users to list and rent anything from electric sports equipment, tools, electronics, and more.

The platform operates under a transparent and reasonable fee structure. For those looking to list their gear, FriendWithA charges a nominal 6% commission to the owner.

On the other hand, renters can enjoy the convenience of accessing quality equipment for their adventures, with a 14% fee applied.

#9 ShareGrid

ShareGrid is a dynamic online platform designed to connect filmmakers, photographers, and creators of all kinds, allowing them to share, rent, and discover an extensive range of professional equipment.

ShareGrid operates on a foundation of collaboration and trust, fostering connections between gear owners and renters. List your well-maintained gear on the platform, and not only can you earn from your equipment, but you can also contribute to a thriving community of creatives. As an owner, you have the power to set your terms and pricing, ensuring a seamless rental experience.

For renters, ShareGrid offers a hassle-free process to discover and reserve the gear you need. With transparent pricing and user reviews, you can make informed decisions that align with your project’s requirements and budget. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows you to easily browse, compare, and secure the gear that fits your vision.

#9 Outdoorsy

Unlike RVShare, Outdoorsy is available on a global scale, making it accessible to users worldwide. The platform boasts a significant number of booked nights and high user satisfaction, with 93% of user ratings being at the 5-star level.

Listing your RV on Outdoorsy is free, and you have the flexibility to set your own rental rates. One unique feature of Outdoorsy is the option to offer delivery and setup services for the RV, allowing owners to charge more for this convenient add-on.

Outdoorsy typically takes a 20-25% cut of the rental income, and owners receive a payment within 24 hours after the customer picks up the rented vehicle.

#10 Boatsetter

Boat owners can earn extra money by listing their watercraft on the boat rental marketplace. You can set availability, establish boat rules, and determine rental pricing according to your preferences.

Boatsetter offers continuous customer support and maintains a database of licensed captains to ensure the safe operation of your boat. They also verify user identities through a service called Cognito, which helps ensure secure payments that match the user’s identity.

The platform charges a fee ranging from 10% to 15% based on the number of rentals you schedule through Boatsetter in a year. This fee increases to 35% if you opt to use Boatsetter’s insurance policy.

#11 Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is a service that allows individuals to rent high-end and designer clothing and accessories for special occasions or everyday wear. This platform provides a unique and cost-effective way to access stylish and luxurious items without the need for a full purchase.

With Rent the Runway, customers can browse a wide range of clothing options, including dresses, gowns, suits, handbags, and jewelry, and rent them for a specified period.

This is particularly popular for events like weddings, parties, and formal gatherings where individuals want to wear something special without the long-term commitment of owning the items.

Rent the Runway offers different subscription plans, allowing customers to rent a certain number of items per month or rent pieces individually. It’s a convenient solution for fashion-conscious individuals who want to stay on-trend without the expense and clutter of a traditional wardrobe.

Whether it’s a designer dress for a red-carpet event or a stylish outfit for a casual day out, Rent the Runway provides a way to elevate your fashion game without the need for a permanent purchase.

#12 Rent-A-Center

Certainly! Rent-A-Center is a retail company that provides consumers with the option to rent various household items and electronics on a temporary basis. Customers can choose to rent products like furniture, appliances, electronics, computers, smartphones, and more from Rent-A-Center’s stores or online platforms.

Rent-A-Center offers flexibility by allowing customers to make weekly or monthly payments for the items they rent. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who need temporary access to items without committing to a long-term purchase.

Rent-A-Center’s services are designed to cater to people who may have limited financial resources or prefer the convenience of renting over owning. It provides an alternative way for individuals and families to access essential items and enjoy the benefits of modern technology without the upfront cost of buying.

#13 GetMyBoat

GetMyBoat enables you to tap into the demand for aquatic adventures, giving renters the chance to enjoy the open water without the responsibilities of ownership.

Similar to listing a property on a rental platform, listing your boat on GetMyBoat allows you to share memorable boating experiences while benefiting financially. 

#14 JustPark

If you have a parking space that you would like to rent out, JustPark is the perfect platform for you. Whether it’s a driveway, a private parking spot, or any vacant area, JustPark provides a seamless and effective solution for connecting your parking space with individuals in need of parking.

By listing your parking spot on JustPark, you can tap into a broad network of drivers seeking convenient and secure parking options.

This platform offers you the opportunity to earn extra income from your underutilized space while providing a valuable service to those searching for parking solutions.

#15 GetAround 

Getaround is another notable peer-to-peer car rental service, and its acquisition of the European platform Drivy has significantly expanded its reach. Present in 300 cities worldwide, including locations in 6 European countries, Getaround offers a broad and accessible network for car rentals.

The process for renting out your car on Getaround follows a slightly different approach. To become a lender, you need to create a profile for your car. This profile encompasses essential details such as a unique URL for marketing your car, its location, pick-up and drop-off instructions, and availability.

After setting up your car’s profile, Getaround will arrange for the installation of Connect™, a device that offers features like GPS tracking, anti-theft measures, and cellular communication through a secure network. Connect™ not only aids verified renters in locating and accessing your car but also safeguards against unauthorized attempts to enter your vehicle.

Getaround provides primary insurance coverage for your car during rentals, although your vehicle should remain insured while under your ownership.

Additionally, the platform offers 24/7 roadside assistance to address any issues that may arise during the rental period. An intriguing offer is the 30-day free trial of the service. After this trial period, there is a $99 installation fee, as well as a $20 monthly service fee.

#16 Neighbor

Neighbor offers an innovative solution for those with unused space in their homes. Instead of letting it go to waste, you can generate income by renting it out as storage space through their platform.

Neighbor serves as a bridge between individuals seeking affordable storage options and those with available space. The scenarios vary widely, from storing college dorm furniture during the summer to providing winter storage for a sizable boat.

One key concern often revolves around security. Neighbor addresses this by offering a substantial $2 million Host Guarantee. This coverage shields you from personal liability and property damage, providing peace of mind.

The process involves you setting guidelines and collaborating with Neighbor to assess and approve suitable renters. All payments are facilitated through Stripe, ensuring a secure transaction process. Once you establish your Stripe connection, payments for storage rentals will be directly deposited into your account.

An appealing aspect of Neighbor is its payment guarantee. Regardless of whether the renter fulfills their payment, you will receive compensation for the duration the space is occupied, which is a significant advantage.

If you have unutilized space in your garage, attic, spare room, shed, or barn, Neighbor offers a way to monetize it effectively. By renting out your space for storage, you can create a consistent source of income. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity and start earning money with Neighbor today.

#17 Craigslist

Craigslist is often considered the original online marketplace, offering a platform for both buying and selling goods. It’s also a viable option for listing items for rent, particularly if you have something distinctive or specialized to offer.

However, unlike many dedicated rental platforms, Craigslist doesn’t offer extensive consumer protection features. Instead, the responsibility for transactions lies primarily with the buyers and sellers themselves.

While Craigslist does provide some advice on conducting safe exchanges, such as meeting in public places and using secure payment methods, it doesn’t provide the same level of safety guarantees or insurance coverage that you might find on other rental websites.

How to Get Started on Each Website

It’s easy to get started! Follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the website, providing personal info.
  2. Verify your account via the confirmation email.
  3. Add items for rent w/ descriptions & high-quality photos.
  4. Set a reasonable rental price and terms.
  5. Promote your listings via social media & word of mouth.
  6. Respond quickly to inquiries & requests.

Remember to read the website’s guidelines & policies. And update your listings often to attract more renters.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings and Ensuring a Successful Rental Experience

Renting out your stuff is a great way to make extra money and have a successful experience. Here are some tips to help you maximize your earnings and ensure everything runs smoothly:

  • Choose the right platform. Research websites and apps that let you rent out items. Pick one that meets your needs and target audience.
  • Accurate Descriptions: Provide accurate and detailed descriptions of your items to set clear expectations for renters.
  • Take good photos. Images attract attention to your item. Make sure they’re well-lit and show all angles accurately.
  • Set competitive prices. Check average rental prices for similar items. Adjust yours accordingly, considering condition, popularity, and demand.
  • Create attractive listings. Take good pictures of your items and give detailed descriptions. Highlight any features or selling points to draw renters.
  • Maintain good communication. Reply quickly to inquiries and bookings. Be clear about availability, pickup/delivery, and any other terms or conditions.
  • Offer excellent customer service. Be professional and respectful. Make sure your items are clean and well-maintained. Address problems immediately.

Also, think of more unique details that can improve your rental experience. Offer flexible rental durations or bundle-related items. Optional insurance coverage can bring peace of mind.

Best Practices for Renting Out Different Types of Items

Renting out items? Got some rules for ya! Here are the best practices for different types of items.

Item Type Best Practices
Electronics Clean and sanitize before renting out
Home Decor Take good quality photos to attract renters
Sports Gear Outline any rules or restrictions
Tools Provide instructions on proper usage

More details:

  • For electronics, test all functionalities to make sure they’re working.
  • For home decor, offer flexible rental periods to suit various events.
  • And for sports gear, package it carefully to prevent any damage.


Today, renting out your stuff is a great way to make money. Online platforms let you easily connect with people who need temporary access to things they don’t own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does renting out my stuff on a website work?

Renting out your stuff on a website typically involves creating a listing for your item, setting a rental price, specifying rental duration, and providing necessary details. Interested users can then contact you through the website to arrange the rental.

Is it safe to rent out my stuff online?

Yes, Reputable websites that facilitate renting out your stuff usually have safety measures in place, such as user ratings, verification processes, and secure payment systems. However, it is always important to exercise caution and follow recommended safety guidelines when renting out your belongings.

What kind of items can I rent out on these websites?

You can typically rent out a wide range of items on these websites, including but not limited to electronics, tools, sporting equipment, furniture, clothing, and vehicles.

How much money can I make by renting out my stuff on a website?

The amount of money you can make by renting out your stuff depends on various factors such as the demand for your item, rental duration, rental price, and the website’s fee structure. Some people have earned a significant income by renting out their belongings on these platforms.

Are there any fees or charges associated with renting out my stuff through these websites?

Many websites charge a percentage or flat fee for facilitating the rental transaction. It is advisable to check the website’s terms and fee structure to understand any charges involved before listing your items.