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3 Best YouTube To WAV Converters of 2024 (Ranked)

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YouTube to WAV conversion is the process of changing a file from video to audio. Having the audio version comes in handy in several situations, including:

  • content creation
  • integrating the audio into other media projects
  • listening to podcasts offline and on the go
  • and many more.

Thing is, if you want to find the “best” YouTube to WAV converters online, you can find many reviews. So why should you keep reading this specific one?

Most online reviews are only created to guide you to download a company’s own product or affiliate recommendation. That’s the best-case scenario. The worst case is that the products don’t work, leading you to download files that contain harmful files onto your computer.

That’s no good.

In this article, I’ll share the best YouTube to WAV converts that just work. Best of all, they work online without downloading anything onto your computer. This means safe, quick, and reliable conversion – without unnecessary worries.

What Are The Best YouTube To WAV Converters?

Here are the best YouTube to WAV converters to use right now.

1. is one of the most straightforward software to use.

Simply provide it with the YouTube video URL, choose your desired audio file format (WAV in our case), and press Download.

The software then processes the conversion and provides a button to download the audio file.

That’s pretty much all there is to it.


  • Easy to use – no complicated options
  • Multiple output formats are available
  • Can convert multiple files simultaneously


  • Multiple ads pop up on the site – you must close these before you download your file.

2. is another tool that does what it promises.

Again, the idea is to enter the YouTube video URL and choose your desired file format.

Hit download, and the conversion process starts. Once this is ready, you hit the download button to get the audio version straight onto your computer.


  • Conversion works reliably
  • Quite a fast conversion process
  • You can run multiple conversations at the same time


  • There are multiple ads on the site you have to go around to download your files

3. YouTube to WAV

The aptly named YouTube to WAV is another online tool to convert YouTube videos to WAV files.

I like this tool because it does what it promises. It also provides additional information about the process for the nerds among us (and if you’re still reading, you probably fall in this group).

The site provides information on the features and benefits of the tool, along with frequently asked questions for those who want to know more.


  • Comes with step-by-step instructions on their homepage
  • Lists the features, benefits and FAQ for those wanting to know more
  • Their blog covers the topic in more detail


  • The site displays multiple ads on its homepage and other pages

YouTube to WAV Converters For Content Creators

As content creators, high-quality audio is crucial. In many ways, creators can get away with having less-than-optimized videos. However, if the audio isn’t up to par, the content falls short of the expected standards.

Taking any video and getting its audio quickly (while retaining quality) makes content creation easier.

This factor increases engagement and professionalism in a creator’s overall project – and over time, their entire brand becomes known for its quality standards.

In fact, think about your favorite content creators. I’d bet they don’t have subpar audio. And if they don’t, neither should you when creating online content.

Common Challenges In YouTube To WAV Conversion

Keeping in mind high-quality audio, content creators face many challenges when converting YouTube to WAV.

Knowing about these challenges (and addressing them) makes the creator’s life much easier.

Quality Preservation

Converting content from one format to another (i.e., YouTube to WAV) will result in quality loss – unless the converter does the job well.

If you want to get super nerdy, you must learn about advanced topics like codecs and bitrates.

The options here are to:

  • Either learn the ins and outs of this topic and then do the job manually
  • Or use a high-quality YouTube to WAV converter that does the job well for you.

The second option sounds easier (and quicker). When I find a converter that works, I stick with it.

Conversion Speed

Getting fast conversions is another challenge creators face. After all, no one wants to wait several minutes (or longer) to access a WAV file.

The issue with Waveform Audio File Format (WAV) is that it’s a lossless and uncompressed file format. This means you get better quality and bigger file sizes with this format which is great in theory.

The problem is that the wrong converter will take ages to make this conversion happen. And that’s not helpful when you’re on the clock and wanting to get the job done.

Using a suitable converter (that considers conversion speed and quality as essential factors) should be a priority.

Ease of Use

You don’t want to go through page after page of user manuals to figure out how to use a specific converter.

Ideally, you only need two input elements:

  • the YouTube video URL
  • the final destination format (i.e., WAV format).

Once you have these two elements, the tool you choose should be able to figure out the rest.

If you’re spending too much time understanding how to use a specific converter, it might be time to find a better one.

Single Conversions

Not all tools will allow you to handle multiple conversions at a time. And when you need to process multiple large files, being unable to batch tasks simultaneously adds up lots of time.

Not ideal.

The solution is to find tools that let you insert multiple YouTube URLs and convert these files simultaneously. The result? Multiple downloadable files that are ready for you.

Final Considerations

Here are some final considerations when choosing a converter to get WAV audio files.


Ensure you don’t violate any laws related to copyright when converting YouTube videos. You should only get WAV file formats of videos you’ve:

  • produced or
  • have the legal right to convert.

Anything else and you’re walking on a fine line between what’s legal and what’s not.

Most online conversion tools put ads and popups on their site. This is how they make money and allow people to use their services for free.

You might have to close several popup windows to download your converted videos.

You’ll probably have to download a paid tool if you don’t want this. Always do your research before downloading any files to your computer.

Online vs Offline Converters

If you need a quick tool for a simple conversion, I highly suggest you pick one of the online converters I mentioned above. These work and allow you to get the desired audio files quickly.

On the other hand, if you convert videos regularly and might want additional features (that you’re ready to pay for), going for a paid option (that’s always accessible on your computer) might be better.

It all depends on your specific use cases.


Choosing the right YouTube to WAV converter will simplify content creation.

It will allow you to get the audio version of any YouTube video without complicated setups or lengthy processes.

By using any of the above tools (and addressing the challenges that arise with these converters), you’ll be ready to have next-level content in no time.

Whether you’re creating a new podcast and need some background music, want to download YouTube videos and listen to the audio offline, or anything in between, the right converter will have you covered.

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