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Ashi Ashi is a viral song on TikTok in Arabic, and many people don’t know its lyrics.

The full title of the song is “DJ Shoug – ‏ащи ащи Danca Ashi Ashi ( ياخراشي اشي ) full version – Оригинальная песня”.

Here’s what “DJ Shoug – oh oh oh Dancing Ashi Ashi (What’s wrong with me?) full version – original song”.

The song is mainly used in TikTok dances, edits, and memes.

This article contains the Ashi Ashi song lyrics (Arabic Phonk TikTok song), its meaning, translation, and more.

Ashi Ashi Lyrics

Ashi Ashi English lyrics:

Oh, oh, Ashi Ashi

Yakhrashi, Ashi Ashi

And I’m wearing revealing clothes

Wearing is permissible

And I’m wearing revealing clothes

Wearing is permissible

Original song

The original song is ащи ащи Danca Ashi Ashi (ياخراشي اشي) by @djshoug on TikTok.

It was first uploaded to YouTube by “Nani Ai @2o.4u” on YouTube and got over 1 million views.

On TikTok, the song is used in dancing videos—but the original video is an animation of a runway.

According to @djshoug, his songs are about Queen Shoug (QS), an influential flop in the Middle East.

The song’s vocals are by DJ Shoug and the music used in the background is by BRAZILIAN DANÇA PHONK.

The copyright of background music is owned by 6YNTHMANE · RXDXVIL.

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