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Bye Bye Mewing TikTok Song

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The Bye Bye Mewing song went viral on TikTok after it was used in Sigma and mewing memes.

Sigma is an introverted alpha male while mewing is a facial reconstructing technique.

Mewing is also part of Looksmaxxing—an online community that teaches men to look better.

The song is used in multiple TikTok Sigma and American Psycho edits.

On TikTok, the song is slowed down to achieve a cool and pompous effect.

In this article, you’ll learn the Bye Bye mewing TikTok song (Looksmaxxing), its lyrics, memes, and the producer/writer of the original song.

Bye Bye Mewing TikTok song lyrics

Japanese lyrics:





Japanese romanization:



Kono ko ichi nin de jūbun yo

Kachi! kachi!

English lyrics:

bye bye!

bye bye!

This kid alone is enough

win! win!

Bye Bye TikTok original song

The Bye Bye TikTok original song is called ICEWHORE! by Lumi Athena.

The song has over 3 million views on YouTube and more than 40 million plays on Spotify.

Lumi Athena is a producer, designer, composer, mixing engineer, arranger, and content creator.

He is based in Mexico and has over 300k subscribers on YouTube and 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

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