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ChatGPT May Soon Replace Google Assistant On Android Phones

ChatGPT developer OpenAI reportedly has plans to replace Google Assistant as the default voice assistant app on Android smartphones.

Currently, one has to visit OpenAI’s website or use the ChatGPT app to access it on Android devices.

ChatGPT May Soon Replace Google Assistant On Android Phones

According to a recent report from Android Authority, a code within the latest version of the ChatGPT Android app, version 1.2023.352, released last month, has added a new activity called “com.openai.voice.assistant.AssistantActivity,” which is currently turned off by default.

However, when the activity is manually enabled and launched, a ‘swirling animation’ appears on the screen, similar to the animation seen when using the in-app voice chatbot mode in the ChatGPT app.

“This overlay appears over other apps and doesn’t take up the entire screen like the in-app voice chat mode. So, presumably, you could talk to ChatGPT from any screen by invoking this assistant”, said the report.


The report also notes that the animation failed to complete, and the activity shut down quickly before interaction with the chatbot was possible, suggesting that the feature may still need to be completed. Currently, the app doesn’t have all the necessary code declarations to work as a “default digital assistant app” on Android.

The latest version of the ChatGPT app adds an XML file called assistant_interaction_service, including a voice-interaction-service tag that defines the sessionService and recognitionService. This tag also suggests that the service supportsAssist is supported, but the ChatGPT app still lacks the requisite declarations in the app’s manifest.

Currently, the digital assistant is under development and is still being prepared for launch. In addition, the latest ChatGPT app is also working on bringing a Quick Settings tile for Android, which will launch ChatGPT’s voice assistant mode. However, it is unclear if this new feature would require a ChatGPT Plus subscription or be free for all its users.

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