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Coinbase ZetaChain Quiz Answers – Followchain

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Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

It has a feature called “Learning rewards” where you can learn about various crypto and earn rewards.

You can earn a small amount of crypto by watching some videos and completing a quiz.

To be eligible, you must have only one Coinbase account and live in an eligible country.

The rewards are limited while supplies last, and the crypto offered per quiz may vary.

Sign up now to start earning rewards:

In this guide, you’ll learn the Coinbase ZetaChain quiz answers for the “Learning rewards” feature to earn $9 ZETA.

Coinbase ZetaChain Quiz Answers

Question: What primary function does ZetaChain serve in the blockchain ecosystem?

Answer: It corrects fragmented blockchains for a seamless crypto experience.

Question: What can Omnichain dApps do on ZetaChain?

Answer: Access and manage crypto and data on all blockchains.

Question: What is the entry point for users interested in using ZetaChain and its Omnichain dApps?

Answer: ZetaHub.

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