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DOP 5 Level 6 Get the Boy Down Answer

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DOP 5: Delete One Part is a puzzle game that challenges you to solve riddles.

You can do this by erasing specific parts of colorful and fun pictures.

With unique gameplay, you can swipe your fingers to delete puzzle elements.

The game offers brainy features with varying difficulty levels, requiring logic and creativity.

It provides a satisfying experience as players unravel tricky riddles.

DOP 5 is relaxing, mentally engaging, fun, and suitable for all ages.

In this walkthrough guide, you’ll learn the answer to “Get the Boy Down” in level 6 in DOP 5: Delete One Part.

DOP 5 Level 6 Get the Boy Down Answer

Hint: Get the boy down.

Answer: Remove the balloons.

Explanation: Removing the balloons will uncover one balloon.

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