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Get More Website Traffic with this Surprising Facebook Advertising Tactic

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How To Generate Website Conversions with Facebook Remarketing a

If you are a social media marketer and have not taken advantage of display advertising on Facebook, you are missing an outstanding opportunity. Not only will this yield one of the highest return on investments for your clients, it will help with brand exposure, lead to better conversion rates and provide a flexible budget which will lead to a more effective strategy.

One of the advertising tactics that is not often discussed is a particular type of Facebook advertising. This tactic can be used to get more website traffic and convert them to paying customers.

What is Facebook remarketing?

You might be asking yourself, what exactly are Facebook display remarketing advertisements? Display ads let you place advertisements on a variety of news sites, blogs and other niche sites across the Internet to reach more potential customers.

Let’s say you visit a sports website that has a national presence and you see an advertisement strategically placed on the homepage, this is an example of a display ad.

How To Generate Website Conversions with Facebook Remarketing

The next step is to fully understand the remarketing side of display ads. Once you grasp this notion, you’ll be well on your way to being able to set-up a successful re-marketing campaign on Facebook.

Let’s say you are a leasing manager at an apartment complex looking to keep track of your leads at your community in Nashville. You visit since a friend recommended using this platform. You visit the site but drop off after 10-seconds since you have to tend to an incoming phone call. This is what is considered ‘bouncing’ off a website.

According to Mashable, “An average bounce rate is about 50%, meaning that about half of people who land on your website pages leave and don’t come back.” So the question you have to consider is how to capitalize on this lost traffic? That’s where remarketing comes into play! The image below perfectly illustrates how remarketing advertisements work.

How To Generate Website Conversions with Facebook Remarketing 2

When the lasing manager visits Facebook, they notice the Salesforce advertisement. This reminds them of the void they need to fill in terms of tracking leads. They immediately click on the ad and sign-up for the free 30 Day Trial. This would classify as a conversion from a remarketing advertisement. Since a tracking cookie was placed on the Salesforce website, they were able to serve the ad on Facebook to the person who already visited the site.

How to get more website traffic

Now you should fully understand display advertisements and remarketing. I’m now going to show you how to actually implement this on Facebook! Facebook gives great guidelines how to set this up, but I’ll provide more detail to help you through the process.

1. Go to your ads manager and click audiences on the left side of the screen

You’ll want to make sure that you are logged into your Facebook account and have properly set-up an advertiser account.

2. Click create audience on the top right side of the screen

There will also be an option for “Lookalike Audience” but since we’re focusing on remarketing, we’re going to stay away from that.

3. Select custom audience from your website

In the image below you’ll want to click on the last option, although you’ll start to see that there are other neat options when it comes to custom audiences!

How To Generate Website Conversions with Facebook Remarketing 4

4. Copy the code that appears and follow the on screen instructions to paste it in your website code

If you don’t have development skills, you can simply copy and paste this code and feed it to your developer. This shouldn’t take your developer more than 15-20 minutes to implement onto your website.

How To Generate Website Conversions with Facebook Remarketing 5
After you properly implement this pixel onto the pages of your site that you want to remarket to, you’ll need to follow the following steps listed below.

  • Make sure that the imagery and messaging of the advertisement you create for this remarketing campaign entices people to visit your website
  • Properly set-up conversion tracking in Google Analytics so you can monitor all of the conversions, average time on site from this campaign, bounce rate, etc.
  • Bid in a strategic manner so this form of advertising will yield a return on investment.

The most important aspect of display remarketing is being able to fully grasp the concept. Once you nail this down, just follow the steps listed above and you are well on your way to setting up the perfect display remarketing campaign!

Your knowledge with this more complex form of advertisement on Facebook will not only impress your clients and peers, it’ll yield great results and serve as an integral aspect of your Facebook marketing campaign. You’ll be proud of the report that you send off which shows a lot more conversions from Facebook remarketing!

Guest Author: Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain, a Digital Marketing and SEO Company.

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