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GOMBLE Quiz #014 Answers – Followchain

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GOMBLE, the crypto arm of 111%, aims to bring gamers into the web3 market.

It offers an accessible gaming experience with competition-based tokenomics.

As part of their engagement strategy, GOMBLE introduces the “Heat the Balloon” game.

This encourages users to compete for a chance to earn Mystery Marbles through airdrops.

The airdrop schedule spans different seasons, fostering community involvement.

In this guide, you’ll learn the GOMBLE quiz #014 answers (airdrop) to get +2 fire (320m higher).

GOMBLE Quiz #014 Answers

Question: What is the face color of profile picture of SpaceKids5555?

Answer: Black.

Question: What does bio says in SpaceKids5555’s Instagram?

Answer: Space Creator.

Question: Which sentence is the one you can find on the posts from SpaceKids5555’s Instagram?


Question: What is the Instagram Username of Gomble Games’ NFT?

Answer: SpaceKids5555.

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