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How to Add a Webcam to OBS

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OBS is the most popular recording and streaming software on the internet.

The best YouTubers, streamers, and podcasters use the software to create content.

It’s free to use, comes with a myriad of features, and is compatible with most devices.

I personally use OBS to stream and create YouTube content, so I have a lot of experience with it.

This includes adding and configuring scenes, sources, filters, and many more.

In this short and simple guide, you’ll learn how to add a webcam to OBS, whether it’s Logitech, Razer, or other video cameras.

How to Add a Webcam to OBS

Here’s how to add a webcam to OBS (step-by-step):

  1. Add a scene: Click “+” under “Scenes” and add a new scene (skip this step if you already have a scene).
  2. Add a video capture device: Click “+” under “Sources” and select “Video Capture Device”.
  3. Name your device: Name your device and select “OK”.
  4. Add your webcam: Select your webcam from the “Device” dropdown box and select “OK”.
  5. Crop your webcam: Drag the corners of the webcam to maximize or minimize it—press “ALT” + drag the sides of the webcam to crop it.

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