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How to Fix Network Error 6-4 in Monster Hunter Now

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Track and hunt iconic monsters from the Monster Hunter universe in the real world.

Forge powerful weapons, collaborate with hunters, and take on powerful creatures.

The game offers tap-based controls and high-quality graphics for hunting action.

Experience augmented reality (AR) as monsters appear in your surroundings.

With Adventure Sync, monsters are marked even when you’re not playing.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix the Monster Hunter Now Network Error 6-4 on Android or iOS devices.

Why am I getting a Network Error 6-4 in Monster Hunter Now?

Monster Hunter Now Network Error 6-4

You are getting a Network Error 6-4 in Monster Hunter Now because the developers of the game are cracking down on cheating.

Monster Hunter Now spoofing is restricted and players can no longer fake their location to hunt monsters.

If you use a fake GPS, you’ll get an error message like “Network Error 6-4”.

Spoofing is dead for players with an unrooted device—but it still works for rooted devices.

How to fix Network Error 6-4 in Monster Hunter Now

To fix Monster Hunter Now fake GPS not working, you need to disable the fake GPS app.

If you want to continue spoofing, you need a rooted Android device.

To do so, you can buy a pre-rooted Pokemon Go phone from Ebay or root your phone with Magisk.

This will allow you to use the LSposed or Smali Patcher method to play with a joystick app.

Fix 1: Disable the fake GPS app

  1. Settings > My device > Detailed info and specs.
  2. Tap on the build number 7 times to enable developer mode.
  3. Settings > Additional settings > Developer options.
  4. Select mock location app > None > Open Monster Hunter Now.

Fix 2: Continue spoofing on Android

Fix 3: Continue spoofing on iOS

  • Method 1: 3uTools – You need a computer and it doesn’t support iOS 17.
  • Method 2: iToolsBT2.0 – You don’t need a computer, but you need a Bluetooth controller.

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