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How to Fix “OncreateSessionCompletedelegate bwassuccessful == false” in Palworld

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Palworld is a game where players coexist with Pals, mystical creatures.

Players can live with them, use them for fighting or farming, sell them, or consume them.

The game involves survival in a harsh environment and exploration using mounted Pals.

Build structures with Pal labor, farm, explore dungeons, and poach for profit.

It offers a unique blend of resource management, creativity, and ethical dilemmas.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix the “OncreateSessionCompletedelegate bwassuccessful == false” error in Palword.

How to Fix “OncreateSessionCompletedelegate bwassuccessful == false” in Palworld

To fix “OncreateSessionCompletedelegate bwassuccessful == false” in Palworld, you can try turning off multiplayer.

If you want to play multiplayer, you need to keep clicking the “Start Game” button until it works.

Fix 1: Turn off multiplayer

  1. Go to the World Select menu.
  2. Select the World that you want to play in
  3. Select “Change World Settings”.
  4. Turn off Multiplayer, select “OK”, and start the game.

Fix 2: Keep starting the game

  1. When you get the “OncreateSessionCompletedelegate bwassuccessful == false” error message, close it.
  2. Click “Start Game”.
  3. If you get the error message again, close it.
  4. Keep spam-clicking “Start Game” until the game starts.

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