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How to Fix Roblox Error Code E01

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Are you getting the error code E01 on Roblox?

Here’s the full error message, “You were kicked from this experience”.

Followed by, “Error code: E01, please rejoin the game!”.

The error code typically happens on popular Roblox experiences like Blade Ball.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix the error code E01 in Roblox when you’re kicked out of an experience like Blade Ball.

What is Roblox error code E01?

Roblox Error Code E01

Roblox error code E01 means that you’ve been kicked out of the game.

This can happen due to server overload or because you’re using an exploit/script.

The error code is a temporary ban that’s imposed on your account.

You can try joining back a few minutes or a few hours later and it should be lifted.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code E01

To fix Roblox error code E01, you can try clearing the game’s cache, removing unwanted extensions, or uninstalling scripts/exploits.

You can also try installing and playing Roblox from the Microsoft Store or waiting for a few minutes to a few hours before joining the experience again.

Fix 1: Clear the cache for Roblox

  • Chrome: Open Chrome > three dots > Settings > Privacy and security > Third-party cookies > See all site data and permissions > Search for “Roblox” > Click on the trash icon > Clear.
  • Roblox on Windows: Search for “%localappdata%” using Windows Search > Open the “Temp” folder > Delete all of the files and folders there.
  • Android Roblox app: Open the Settings app > Apps > Roblox > Storage > Clear data > Clear cache.
  • iOS Roblox app: Open the Settings app > General > Storage > Roblox > Offload App > Offload App.

Fix 2: Remove unwanted extensions

  • Chrome: Click on the puzzle icon > Manage extensions > Remove unwanted extensions (e.g. tampermonkey).
  • Firefox: Click on the menu button > Add-ons and themes > Extensions > Remove unwanted extensions.

Fix 3: Uninstall scripts and exploits

  1. Roblox Error Code E01 can happen if you’re using a script/exploit/cheat in the game.
  2. To prevent the error, you need to uninstall all exploits before launching the experience.
  3. Uninstall exploits like Synapse X, Krnl, Fluxus, and others.

Fix 4: Install Roblox from the Microsoft Store

  1. Search for “Control Panel” using Windows Search.
  2. Uninstall a program > right-click Roblox > Uninstall.
  3. Open the Microsoft Store app and install Roblox.
  4. Launch Roblox, log in to your account, and try joining experience again.

Fix 5: Wait for a few hours

  1. In most cases, Error Code E01 in Roblox is a temporary ban that will be automatically lifted after some time.
  2. In other cases, the server is overloaded, which can cause an increase in the number of error messages.
  3. To fix this, wait for a few minutes to a few hours before joining the experience again.

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