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How to Get Grappling Gun in Palworld

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Palworld is a game where players coexist with Pals, mystical creatures.

Players can live with them, use them for fighting or farming, sell them, or consume them.

The game involves survival in a harsh environment and exploration using mounted Pals.

Build structures with Pal labor, farm, explore dungeons, and poach for profit.

It offers a unique blend of resource management, creativity, and ethical dilemmas.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to craft, use, or get the Grappling Gun in Palworld.

How to Get Grappling Gun in Palworld

Here’s how to get the Grappling Gun in Palworld:

  1. Get Ancient Technology Points by defeating a boss (e.g. Chillet).
  2. Go to the “Technology” tab and unlock the grappling gun from “Ancient Technology”.
  3. Craft the Grappling Gun from the Primitive Workbench.
  4. You can craft it using Paldium Fragment x10, Ingot x30, Fiber x30, and 1x Ancient Civilization Parts.

Description: It fires a hook that latches on to distant targets, pulling the user’s body towards the target.

It allows for easy movement between places with varying elevation.

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