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How to Solve Chapter 5 Sorrow Cross in Underground Blossom

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Underground Blossom is a point-and-click adventure set in the Rusty Lake Underground.

Explore various metro stations, solve puzzles, and unravel different timelines.

The game provides a gripping story, classic point-and-click puzzles, and an odd atmosphere.

With 7 unique metro stations, players can earn achievements and enjoy an immersive soundtrack.

In this walkthrough guide, you’ll learn how to solve Chapter 5: Sorrow Cross in Underground Blossom (clock, vending machines, and seeds).

How to Solve Chapter 5 Sorrow Cross in Underground Blossom

Underground Blossom Chapter 5: Sorrow Cross walkthrough:

  1. Talk with Laura and Bob.
  2. Get the clock hand inside the box underneath the bench.
  3. Place the hand on the clock and turn the time to 4:00.
  4. Send Bob off and collect the money in his wallet.
  5. Use the coin to buy 3 different vending machine snacks, the 25, 35, and 45 ones.
  6. Click on where the snacks got deposited and complete the sorting puzzle.
  7. Sort the objects into three categories: animals, foods/drinks, and modes of transport (this will unlock an achievement).
  8. After getting the cookie, go to where the pigeon is and give the pigeon the cookie.
  9. The seed puzzle can be done many ways, but ensure that there is one white after every red and two white after every green (expand the screenshot above for the solution).
  10. After the pigeon flies off, follow it throughout the station until it gets run over by a train.
  11. Take the key and unlock the shady fellow’s cage.
  12. After seeing he has your stuff, put the rest of the money from Bob’s wallet into the box underneath the bench and set the time to 9:00.
  13. Afterwards, you will get the saw back but not the timepiece.
  14. Saw off the lock on the cabinet behind Laura and obtain the painting panel.
  15. Put the painting panel onto the painting and move it around until you find all 12 locations in the painting.
  16. Make sure you click the circle you’ve located to progress.
  17. Look at the knocked over trash can and sort all of its contents into pairs.
  18. Read the letter and obtain the pill.
  19. After giving the pill to Laura, talk to her and back off, once you back off the scenery will completely change into a creepier scene.
  20. Follow Laura’s instructions and place the correct objects into the hands of the correct people.
  21. Once that is done, click on the portrait next to Laura’s dead body.
  22. Take the paintbrush and dip it into the pigeon’s blood.
  23. Go back to the portrait and use the paintbrush to draw all over Rose’s face until you get the time (7:55).
  24. Click on Laura’s dead body and collect the ticket (click on Laura’s head multiple times until a bug comes out to unlock an achievement.
  25. Change the time to 7:55 and give the ticket to the conductor (this will unlock another achievement).

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