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How to Solve the Clock Puzzle in A Little to the Left

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A Little to the Left is a puzzle game to sort, stack, and organize household items in pleasing arrangements.

The game has over 75 puzzles hidden among everyday objects with multiple solutions.

It also features “The Daily Tidy Delivery,” offering players a unique daily puzzle variation.

A Little to the Left has charming illustrations, atmospheric sound design, and humorous scenarios.

It’s a perfect choice for casual puzzle game fans and those who appreciate well-organized spaces.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to solve the Clock Puzzle in A Little to the Left (Chapter 5: Near Earth Organizer and Daily Tidy).

How to Solve the Clock Puzzle in A Little to the Left

Expand the screenshots to see the solution.

This puzzle features a clock with shadows of stems and leaves.

To solve it, you need to align the clock hands with the shadows.

Here’s the solution to the clock puzzle in A Little to the Left:

  • Rotate the clock hands until they align with the shadow.
  • Try aligning the hour hand to a leaf and the minute hand with a stem.

The clock appears in the 2nd level in Chapter 5: Near Earth Organizer.

There is only one known solution to the puzzle.

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