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HTX Saros Quiz Answers – Followchain

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HTX is a leading crypto exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptos.

The exchange offers more than 1,000 types of cryptos like BTC, ETH, SOL, and more.

It has a record of zero security incidents and is trusted by more than 20 million users.

Sign up for HTX using this referral link or enter “uuyk8223” as the referral code.

Once you’re on HTX, select Content > HTX Learn > select the current quiz.

This guide contains the HTX Saros quiz answers (Learn & Earn) to win 40 SAROS for free as learning rewards.

HTX Saros Quiz Answers

Question: What’s the purpose of the token airdrop?

Answer: Reward eligible participants in the Saros community.

Question: What functionalities does Saros Super App offer?

Answer: All above.

Question: What are the utilities of $SAROS token?

Answer: All above.

Question: What is Saros Supper App?

Answer: The ultimate app designed to redefine your Web3 experience on Solana.

Question: What is SarosID (SID)?

Answer: A distinct identification system to enhance user experience.

Question: What are the pain points that the project is trying to solve?

Answer: All above.

Question: What is the total supply of $SAROS token?

Answer: 10 billion.

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