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Illia Golem Height, Weight, and Age

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Illia Golem is known to be one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world.

He went viral after appearing on the Bodybuilding Beast Motivation channel and collaborating with Larry Wheels.

Illia is part of the 5% Nutrition team, founded by the late Rich Piana.

He was born in the Czech Republic and is fluent in three languages.

Illia’s goal is to instill a work ethic in people to overcome their fears and better themselves.

In this article, you’ll learn who is Illia Golem (bodybuilder), his height, weight, age, arm size, stats, wife, diet, social media, and more.

Illia Golem stats

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Full name Illia Golem
Weight 150 kg (330 lbs)
Height 182 cm (6’0″)
Nationality Czech
Year of birth 1988
Profession Bodybuilder, Fitness influencer

Source: Asking bodybuilders their stats, then measuring them part 2 by Eric Kanevsky Official.

Illia Golem height and weight

Illia Golem is 6’0″ (182 cm) in height and about 330 lbs (150 kg) in weight.

His arm size is 64 cm, neck is 60 cm, thighs are 85 cm, and waist is 155 cm (source: @supersportguru).

He was born in the Czech Republic, and his nationality is Czech.

Note: These are estimated figures and are not perfect measurements (weight can fluctuate daily).

Source: In a YouTube video titled “Asking bodybuilders their stats, then measuring them part 2”, Eric Kanevsky measured Illia Golem’s height and weight.


Illia Golem is a bodybuilder and fitness influencer who was previously part of the 5% Nutrition team.

He later started his own brand, Golem Secret System (GSS Lab) selling high-quality special mixes and supplements.

Social media:

Illia started his YouTube channel, @IlliaGOLEMOfficial, in 2019 and it has about 45k subscribers.

His most popular video is about his 16,500-calorie diet, with over 500k views.

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