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Improve Your Collaborative Experience with AI

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Add AI-powered Collaboration Features in Your Next Commit.

Overview – Add Powerful Collaboration Features in Your Next Commit

Velt, or Velt.Dev, is your go-to source for powerful collaboration features designed to elevate marketing assets and sales teamwork to new heights.

With our recently launched products, we’ve harnessed the power of the internet to provide developers, and essentially all users, with focused, free, and flexible access to premier online platforms and creative tools.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your workflow or enhance team synergy, Velt plays a big role in ensuring that your projects meet and exceed expectations.

Key Takeaways

  • Velt lets you add AI-powered collaboration features in your next commit.

  • The tool provides free and flexible access to premier online platforms and creative tools.

  • It helps streamline workflows and enhance team synergy for successful project outcomes.

  • Velt offers three pricing plans: the Starter Plan ($799/month), the Growth Plan ($1299/month), and Custom Plan (Custom pricing).

How Velt Works

  • Create an Account: Sign up immediately to enhance your marketing agency’s online experiences.

  • Access One Tool Suite: Use Velt to search through website builders, videos, and other great tools for effective online and offline co-working.

  • Collaborate Directly: Velt enables team members to collaborate directly on projects, making the product ridiculously fast to develop and improve.

  • Leverage AI-Powered Features: Incorporate AI into your workflow to automatically generate content and ideas that push your creative limits.

  • Enjoy Continuous Support: Benefit from Velt’s ongoing support to ensure your projects utilize the latest technology and collaboration strategies.

Key Benefits & Features

Simple & Beautiful Docs

  • Velt offers an easy-to-use interface that lets you focus on creating beautiful documents without distractions.

  • The built-in collaboration feature allows for seamless teamwork and document sharing, ensuring all team members are on the same page.

  • Generate suggestions for content and formatting based on your preferences.

Streamlined Workflow

  • Say goodbye to messy email threads and endless chats with Velt’s streamlined workflow.

  • Assign tasks, track changes, and collaborate in real-time with AI-powered features.

  • Save time and increase efficiency with automated processes that eliminate repetitive tasks.

Real-time Collaboration

  • With Velt, your team can work on the same document in real-time, eliminating version control issues.

  • Use the comment and suggestion features to provide feedback and make changes quickly.

  • Enhance communication and teamwork with instant notifications for updates and changes made by team members.

Use Cases & Applications

  • Marketing Agency Projects: Velt’s Form Builder and Video Editor features facilitate the creation and collaboration on marketing presentations and video content, inspiring seamless teamwork similar to the multiplayer approach Google Docs brought to documentation.

  • Live Meetings & Presentations: Utilize Velt’s Presentation Product for live meetings and presentations, enabling row partners and team members to contribute and edit in real-time, ensuring that all ideas are captured and refined collaboratively.

  • Documentation & Reporting: The Documentation Product allows multiple users to work on the same documents simultaneously, making it ideal for marketing agencies requiring efficient, online tool-based collaboration.

  • Creative Content Creation: Leverage Velt’s Video Editor for producing engaging video content, utilizing AI-powered features for editing and enhancing, and encourage a holistic, interactive approach to content creation and revision among team members.

Who is Velt For?

  • Marketing Professionals: Utilize the Velt SDK to create engaging campaigns, ensuring a better web presence with fewer endless emails.

  • Software Developers: Accelerate development with one app integrating more great things, using the Velt SDK for efficient project collaboration.

  • Graphic Designers: Bring visions to life, from static images to animation, with Velt’s tools designed for the future of digital creativity.

  • Startup Founders: Partner with Velt, backed by amino capital, to streamline operations and accelerate the path to realizing great things.

Pricing & Plans

What are Users Saying About Velt?

  • Anita Graham: Velt has revolutionized how my team and I collaborate on projects. With its AI-powered features, we can easily generate ideas and content to enhance our workflow.

  • Tom Smith: As a graphic designer, Velt has been a game-changer. The streamlined workflow and real-time collaboration have allowed me to bring my visions to life more efficiently.

  • Jacob Lee: I’ve been using Velt for all my marketing agency’s projects, significantly improving our processes. The tools and features offered are top-notch, and the continuous support from Velt is unmatched.

Velt Alternatives

  • ConcertAI: Accelerate research with ConcertAI’s online tools, which makes it easier for the world’s biggest healthcare teams to derive actionable insights.

  • Unsupervised: The Unsupervised’s AI app helps businesses make sense of complex data, uncovering hidden patterns without requiring constant oversight.

  • CoScreen: Transform how you collaborate remotely by sharing screens and editing in real-time. CoScreen enhances teamwork with intuitive shortcuts and screenshot capability.

  • Streamlit: Quickly turn data scripts into shareable web apps with Streamlit. It supports interactive features and Lottie file integration and is perfect for showcasing your own product or idea.


Who is the CEO of Velt Dev?

Rakesh Goyal is the CEO of Velt Dev. He is also the company’s founder and has detailed experience in software development and management.

What kind of Support Does Velt offer?

Velt offers continuous support to its users, including troubleshooting technical issues, providing updates on new features, and offering guidance on how to make the most out of the product.

Can I Switch Plans?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time according to your business needs.

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