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Kirasztia Location in WoW – Followchain

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In World of Warcraft, you can explore the realm of Azeroth and go on an adventure.

Take on the role of a hero, battle monsters, navigate dungeons, and defend Azeroth.

Begin your adventure at Exile’s Reach and uncover the fate of a lost expedition.

Learn the basics of battle, explore dungeons, and progress to level 20 for free.

Choose your path as a hero and align yourself with the Horde or the Alliance.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to find or get to the Kirasztia location in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Kirasztia Location in WoW

To find Kirasztia in WoW, you must go to 36.69, 33.30 in the Emerald Dream.

He is located east of the Wellspring of Life and south of the Scorching Chasm.

Kirasztia location in WoW:

  • 36.69, 33.30 in the Emerald Dream.

Kirasztia sells gear like the Casket of the Risen Nightmare.

Theozhaklos the Curious is located next to him where you can turn in the Emerald Mark of Mastery.

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