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Luh Calm Fit Bird, Meaning, and Meme

The Luh Calm Fit bird and comment has been all around TikTok recently.

There are two variations of the meme—one showcasing a minimalist outfit while another is a bird.

The meme rose to popularity due an otherworldly looking white bird.

It succeeded the Blue Smurf Cat meme, which is another viral meme that was on everyone’s FYP.

In this guide, you’ll learn what is the Luh Calm Fit bird, its meaning, meme, nun too crazy, Duke Dennis, and more.

What is the Luh Calm Fit bird?

The Luh Calm Fit bird, also known as the Opium Bird or Erosion Bird, is made by an FX artist known as Dre FX (DFX).

He goes by @drevfx on TikTok and has over 195k followers.

The bird is otherworldly looking, tall, with a long fur, and a long beak.

It also resembles a Borzoi dog, which also used to be a meme (let me do it for you).

Each video is an animation of the bird standing on top of a snow-capped mountain.

What does Luh Calm Fit mean?

Luh Calm Fit originally means an outfit that is nothing too crazy (nun too crazy).

In other words, it’s a plain and minimalistic outfit for comfortability.

The outfit is usually pulled off by someone with an abnormal body type but exudes confidence.

In October, Luh Calm Fit has been associated with the Opium/Erosion Bird.

The bird, created by Dre FX, is otherworldly-looking and white bird that’s created using special effects.

Luh Calm Fit meme

Luh Calm Fit rose to popularity due to the Opium/Erosion Bird.

It succeeded the previously viral Blue Smurf Cat meme.

Many TikTok users joked that the meme is from the future (2027) and that no one is meant to understand it.

Other users commented slogans for the bird like “Luh Calm Fit, nun too extravagant”.

Other slogans include “Nun too rambunctious”, “Nun too fancy and things of that nature”, and more.

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