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Planet Name Generator – Followchain

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In the realm of fantasy, planet names play an important role in unique and immersive worlds.

These names often draw inspiration from a range of sources, including mythology and science fiction.

They serve characterize planets within the narrative, adding depth and intrigue to the fictional settings.

These imaginative names transport readers or viewers to otherworldly landscapes.

The very names themselves contribute to the sense of wonder and adventure that defines the genre.

This article contains a planet name generator for fantasy, 40k, Star Wars, Stellaris, Donjon, Perchance, No Man’s Sky, and more.

Planet name generator

How to use the planet name generator

Click on the “Generate planet names” button to generate random planet names.

You can copy the generated name/username by highlighting it and pressing “CTRL” + “C”.

If you don’t like the generated names, you can click on the button again to generate new ones.

Do note that the names in the generator—even those based on real people—are entirely fictional.

What is the planet name generator?

The planet name generator by Followchain generates planet name ideas for you.

It generates names based on these topics—fantasy, 40k, Star Wars, Stellaris, Donjon, Perchance, No Man’s Sky, and more.

The tool utilizes a script to generate the best names.

The script contains a large dataset that generates a random name in a click of a button.

How to come up with a good planet name

To come up with a good planet name, you need a blend of imagination and thematic relevance.

Start by considering the planet’s key features, like climate, geography, or inhabitants.

Think about the overall atmosphere or mood you want to convey.

For example, a lush, forested world might have a name like “Verdoria,” emphasizing its nature.

Align the name with the broader universe or story context while evoking curiosity and a sense of wonder.

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