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Rain Combos in Mortal Kombat 1

In Mortal Kombat 1, players will encounter a reimagined Mortal Kombat Universe made by Liu Kang.

It offers a new fighting system, game modes, and brutal finishing moves.

Liu Kang’s influence has led to the transformation of iconic characters, presenting them in unprecedented ways.

MK1 promises a captivating story campaign that provides a new perspective on beloved characters.

In addition, players can choose from a diverse roster of Kameo fighters to aid them in battles.

In this guide, you’ll learn Rain combos in Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1) for Xbox and PS5 (basic, advanced, corner, and FB).

MK1 Rain combos


  • 11~db1 – more starters: 211, b2, f21, f3
  • 114~db3 – more starters: 211, b2, f21, f3
  • [4], 211~db3
  • bf4f, ddu[f]
  • f32, j243~db3
  • f32, j243, dash, f21~db3 – more starters: bf4
  • f32, j243~f+k, bf[1], dash, [4], b2~db3 – SubZero Kameo, more starters: bf4
  • bf4, j1, j243, f2~db3f
  • f32, b2~db1 ex, j243~db3
  • f32, b2~db1 ex, j243, 1~db3 – more difficult
  • f21~db1 ex, j243, 2~db3f
  • f21~f+k, j2, f32, j243, dash, f21~db3 – SubZero Kameo
  • f21~f+k, j2, f21~db1 ex, j243, 2~db3f – SubZero Kameo
  • air-to-air j243, dash, f21~db3
  • d2, uf+block, j243, 2~db3

Corner combos

  • 211, 114~db3
  • 211, 1~f+k, bf[1], j32, 1~db3 – SubZero Kameo
  • f32, j32, 114~db3 – more starters: bf4b
  • f32, j32, f2~f+k, bf[1], j32, 1~db3 – SubZero Kameo, more starters: bf4b
  • bf4b, j1, j32, 2~db3
  • bf4b, db1, f2~db1 ex, j32, 1~db3
  • f21~db1 ex, j32, 114~db3
  • f21~db1 ex, j32, f2~f+k, bf[1], j32, 1~db3 – SubZero Kameo
  • 211~db1 ex, j32, 1~f+k, bf[1], j32, 1~db3 – SubZero Kameo, use 1~f+k if using 211 starter
  • f21~db1 ex, j32, f2~f+k, bf[1], bf4b – f32 – hard to block overhead/low

FB combos

  • starter~fb
  • [4], 211~fb
  • corner 211, 11~fb
  • f32, j243, f2~fb
  • corner f32, j32, f2~fb – more starters: bf4b
  • corner bf4b, db1, f2~db1 ex, j32, 1~fb
  • f32, b2~db1 ex, j243, 1~fb
  • f21~db1 ex, j243, 2~fb
  • corner f21~db1 ex, j32, f2~fb


  • PlayStation: 1=square, 2=triangle, 3=cross, 4=circle
  • Xbox: 1=X, 2=Y, 3=A, 4=B
  • B/F/U/D = Back/forward/up/down
  • EX = Enhanced Special Move
  • J = Jump (moves in the air)
  • JK = Jump Kick
  • K = Kameo (i.e. B+K = Back + Kameo button)
  • ~ = Cancel into (i.e. input the next move immediately)
  • [] = Hold button
  • FB = Fatal Blow


Source: @ahmz1404 on YouTube.

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