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Raise the Stakes Heartsteel TFT Guide

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TFT (Teamfight Tactics) is an auto-chess game developed by Riot Games.

You can deploy characters from League of Legends and battle for survival.

The game features unique characters, traits, items, augments, skins, and more.

Build your team of demons, shapeshifters, Assassins, and more.

Editor’s note: I was ranked Challenger in set 1 of TFT and peaked top 15 in the SEA region (so you can trust this article).

In this guide, you’ll learn what is the “Raise the Stakes” option in Heartsteel in TFT, how to play it, and whether to cash out.

What is Raise the Stakes in TFT?

Raise the Stakes is an option that allows you to gain double hearts if you lose a combat.

However, if you win a combat, you’ll lose 50% hearts.

Every 4 turns, you get to choose if you want to cash out or raise the stakes.

If you choose to cash out, all of your hearts will be instantly converted into rewards.

If you choose to raise the stakes, your box will turn golden and you’ll be in high-risk mode.

The more you lose, the more hearts you’ll gain, and if you lose 8 times in a row, you’ll gain 80 bonus hearts.

Raise the Stakes Heartsteel TFT Guide

  1. Raise the Stakes is a high-risk-high-reward option that allows you to gain double hearts per loss.
  2. If you choose this option, you must try your best to not win a combat.
  3. Scout the players that you’re about to go against as their team might be weaker than yours.
  4. If their team is weaker than yours, you may need to place some of your stronger units on your bench to avoid winning.
  5. If you lose 8 times in a row, you’ll gain an additional 80 bonus hearts.
  6. To get rewarded massively, repeatedly choose to Raise the Stakes until you get an 8-loss streak, then choose to cash out (make sure you have enough HP to survive).

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