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Russian Man Throw Smoke Bomb and Girl Throws Boiling Water Video

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In January 2023, a man threw a smoke bomb at a girl as a prank in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

In response, the girl threw a pot of boiling water at him.

The video was first posted to r/PublicFreakout on Reddit on January 7, 2023.

It was then crossposted to r/ANormalDayInRussia and got over 19k points.

The 22-second-long video shows a girl throwing a pot of boiling water at a man.

The area was filled with smoke, reportedly due to a smoke bomb.

A group of people watched as the situation unfolded.

The boiling water hit the man in Blue’s face and body.

He scrambled on the floor and started crawling away in panic.

The water also splashed on some of the bystanders, and a girl’s scream can be heard.

Reportedly, the man suffered third-degree burns and went to the intensive care unit in the hospital.

The authorities are currently investigating the girl and she might face charges for her actions.

Some social media users responded by saying that the man got what he deserved.

Other users said that the girl was stupid and acted irrationally.

According to the original poster on Reddit, the girl was the landlady of the apartment.

Purportedly, she was cooking a snack in the form of buckwheat when the man threw a smoke bomb into the kitchen.

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