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Salome Hatey is Murdered by His Daughter Storyteller Solution

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Storyteller lets users to craft narratives through visual storytelling.

Each level presents a title, and players must create a story by placing settings and characters that interact.

The game’s comic-panel style and charming animations encourage experimentation.

It offers a library of characters and themes, from heroes and villains to dragons and vampires.

The game allowing players to manipulate secrets, desires, and emotions to shape their tales.

In Storyteller, players become the authors of diverse stories filled with love, lies, madness, and more.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to solve the Salome Hatey is Murdered by His Daughter story in Storyteller.

Salome Hatey is Murdered by His Daughter Storyteller Solution

Expand the second screenshot to see the solution.

The story in Salome portrays Hatey as Peachy’s father and Peachy having a drink with Tiny.

Tiny later had a drink with Greeny, Hatey saw it, and Hatey pushes Tiny down a cliff.

In the 5th slide, you need to place Tiny inside of Hatey to turn him blue.

Finally, Peachy pushed Hatey (her father) down the cliff.

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