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SupraOracles Mission 33 Quiz Answers

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Supra is a team of blockchain experts, cryptography researchers, and Web3 enthusiasts

They aim to make blockchain faster, more secure, cheaper, and more accessible.

After years of academic research and development, Supra is emerging from stealth mode.

The Countdown to Blast Off campaign offers opportunities to earn $SUPRA tokens.

To get started, sign up for SupraOracles using this link

Complete the onboarding process, select “Missions”, and complete the missions.

In this article, you’ll learn the SupraOracles Mission 33 quiz answers (What is oracle extractable value?).

SupraOracles Mission 33 Quiz Answers

Question: In a proof-of-stake network, what term is used for the phenomenon similar to Miner Extractable Value and Oracle Extractable Value?

Answer: Maximal Extractable Value

Question: Why are oracles considered crucial in the context of Oracle Extractable Value?

Answer: They bring real-world data onto blockchains, triggering events like liquidations

Question: In traditional proof-of-work blockchains, who has the opportunity to extract value from liquidation events?

Answer: Miners

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