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SupraOracles Mission 44 Quiz Answers

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Supra is a team of blockchain experts, cryptography researchers, and Web3 enthusiasts

They aim to make blockchain faster, more secure, cheaper, and more accessible.

After years of academic research and development, Supra is emerging from stealth mode.

The Countdown to Blast Off campaign offers opportunities to earn $SUPRA tokens.

To get started, sign up for SupraOracles using this link

Complete the onboarding process, select “Missions”, and complete the missions.

In this article, you’ll learn the SupraOracles Mission 44 quiz answers (How does Supra’s ultimate super chain impact devs, their dApps, and users?).

SupraOracles Mission 44 Quiz Answers

Question: What upcoming Supra service combines the power of Supra Oracles and HyperNova to automate complex cross-chain transactions?

Answer: Supra’s automation network.

Question: Besides smart contract platforms, what essential services do apps need that Supra gives devs which traditional blockchains don’t?

Answer: Native oracles, randomness, cross-chain comms, and automation.

Question: How is Supra simplifying the journey for developers, as mentioned in the mission?

Answer: By providing a unified stack with vertical integration of multiple blockchain services.

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