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Sweat Wallet Bitcoin Halving Explained Quiz Answers

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Sweat Wallet is the easiest way to walk and earn crypto with no payment required.

Anyone can start minting SWEAT by walking and you can stake your SWEAT to earn rewards.

The more you stake, the better rewards you can access including gift vouchers and event tickers.

Additional features include a one-click login, sending SWEAT to others, and battling against friends.

To get started, sign up for Sweat here, download Sweat Wallet, and navigate to Home > Learn > Current Quiz.

This guide contains the Sweat Wallet Learn & Earn Bitcoin Halving Explained quiz answers to earn 1 SWEAT.

Sweat Wallet Bitcoin Halving Explained Quiz Answers

Question: How often does the Bitcoin halving happen?

Answer: Roughly every 4 years.

Question: True or false? After this year’s BTC Halving, the reward for mining a block will be 3.125 BTC.

Answer: True.

Question: Historically, because the number of new BTC entering the markets is reduced, it has meant that the value of each BTC has:

Answer: Increased.

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