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Taiko “Based rollups and decentralized sequencing” Quiz Answers

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In this article, you’ll learn the Taiko “Based rollups and decentralized sequencing | X (Twitter) Spaces” Quiz Answers (Galxe) to get 30 points for free.

Taiko “Based rollups and decentralized sequencing” Quiz Answers

Question: Which of the following best describes sequencing in a rollup or chain?

Answer: Ordering transactions in a specific sequence.

Question: Who is responsible for ordering transactions within a rollup?

Answer: Sequencer.

Question: What is the primary responsibility of a sequencer?

Answer: Ordering transactions.

Question: Are based rollups limited in terms of transaction confirmation time, and what factor determines this limitation?

Answer: Yes, based rollups are limited by Layer 1 (L1) block times.

Question: In the context of rollups, what defines a “based rollup”?

Answer: Its sequencing is driven by the base Layer 1 (L1).

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