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Talthonei Ashwhisper Location in WoW

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Continue adventuring through the Dragon Isles and fight enemies in Zaralek Cavern.

Discover the secrets of the Black Dragonflight, discover treasures, meet new allies, and more.

The champions of Azeroth must enter the darkness and stop the crucible’s power.

Defeat nine bosses like Echo of Neltharion, Kazzara, The Vigilant Steward, and more.

Receive special bonuses for your class abilities by getting the Crucible armor set.

The update replaces a lot of the current upgrade systems like Storm Gear and Valor.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to find the Talthonei Ashwhisper location in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (WoW).

Talthonei Ashwhisper Location in WoW

The Talthonei Ashwhisper is located near Shoreline Roots and Scorching Chasm.

Their coordinates are (63.90, 70.10), (64.40, 66.60), (61.40, 67.40), (36.90, 22.40), and (35.10, 22.60) respectively.

Talthonei Ashwhisper locations (expand the screenshots above):

  • Location 1: Fields of Reverie (63.90, 70.10).
  • Location 2: Fields of Reverie (64.40, 66.60).
  • Location 3: Fields of Reverie (61.40, 67.40).
  • Location 4: Primalist Stronghold (36.90, 22.40).
  • Location 5: Primalist Stronghold (35.10, 22.60).

Talthonei Ashwhisper is a rare NPC that was added in patch

They have 5 known locations in two different areas.

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