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Unblocked Quests Puzzle 22 Answer

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Unblocked is a company that launches blockchain-based loyalty programs.

It engages your community using fun and games that improve engagement and retention.

You can gain exposure with large communities and build users for your brand.

Connect with strategic partners, unlock a plug-and-play system, and no sign-up fees.

To get started, go to, login, and complete the latest quests.

In this guide, you’ll learn the answer to the Unblocked Quests puzzle 22 to collect UCP and claim $LOYAL (crypto).

Unblocked Quests Puzzle 22 Answer

Question: Visit our Discord on #puzzles for the clues for all 4 parts. Complete 7, 14, or 21 March Madness quests for up to 100,000 bonus UCP. For more details, go to #march-madness on Discord (E.g. We love Uchu).

Answer: gold loyalfi odie ashanti

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