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We Love We Live We Lie Meme, Meaning, and Lyrics

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If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you might have heard the “We Love We Live We Lie” song.

The song is usually played in the background of an illustration of weird animals and creatures.

It went viral because of the meme known as the Smurf Cat (Blue Mushroom Cat).

The cat is an illustration by Nate Hallinan of a Smurf combined with a cat.

In this article, you’ll learn what is the We Love We Live We Lie meme, meaning, song, lyrics, and more on TikTok.

What is the We Love We Live We Lie Meme on TikTok?

The We Love We Live We Lie meme on TikTok is a song by Alan Walker called “The Spectre”.

The song has over 1 billion views on YouTube and is originally used in old YouTube introductions and gaming edits.

In 2023, the song went viral because of a meme known as the Smurf Cat.

The meme is about an illustration of a blue mushroom cat while The Spectre plays in the background.

These videos are either a slideshow or a flashy edit of the cat.

Alan Walker, the producer of the song, even noticed the meme and made remarks about it.

Under the song on YouTube, he commented “I was here before the smurf!” and pinned it.

The Spectre is also played in memes like the Strawberry Elephant and Pineapple Owl, although they are not as popular as the Smurf Cat.

The meme is so popular that it was even used by Juventus FC in an edit on TikTok that got over 18 million views.

We Love We Live We Lie lyrics


Hello, hello
Can you hear me
As I scream your name
Hello, hello
Do you need me
Before I fade away

Is this a place that I call home
To find what I’ve become
Walk along the path unknown
We live, we love, we lie

Deep in the dark
I don’t need the light
There’s a ghost inside me
It all belongs to the other side
We live, we love, we lie

Hello, hello
Nice to meet you
Voice inside my head
Hello, hello
I believe you
How can I forget

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